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Get Inspired By The Electrifying Christmas PJ Photo Shoot With Your Family

Summer quickly passed with the crisp autumn leaves in the air, leaving a reminder that December is just around the corner, where has the time gone?  It won’t be long before the seasonal hustle and bustle begins, the list of to-do’s emerges as the snow begins to fall.  It’s never too early to start preparing or planning for those seasonal adventures, while the leaves may just be falling were already planning our family holiday cards!
One of our family favorites, is planning our customized Christmas cards every year.  We started a family tradition many years ago, having our Christmas photos taken in matching pajamas, yes the whole family including the pups have matching PJ’s for Christmas Photo Shoot, and then we all wear them on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning – how much fun! This tradition has now grown to include grandma and grandpa, and some of our cousins too!

It is as much fun planning for the photos, as it is having our pictures taken.  Each year we make a special night in September, where our family picks our holiday design for the season! The kids have so much being involved in choosing which Christmas pj’s they want, and which ones Mom & Dad should wear- did we mention the kids are 26 now! With so many pajama styles and themes to pick from, it makes for a great family night! As much as this is a lot of fun, planning our Christmas Pajama Cards does take time & effort, so we ALWAYS start in September! (This also leaves mama feeling a little lighter, with less to worry about come November when usually the “oh shoot we need family Christmas cards” sets in)

When we order our Christmas Pajamas in September, we usually book our photographer at the same time to make sure once our family pajamas arrive, that we are not waiting weeks to get in for pictures – if you have a favorite photographer this is especially true – BOOK IN ADVANCE.  There is nothing more heart breaking than your pajamas in hand, and no photographer because you wanted just an itch too long – so book, book, book in ADVANCE! Photographers usually take about two weeks to get your edited photos back to you, sometimes it can be longer depending on the season & timing.  Once you receive your photos it will be impossible to choose the perfect family photo – if you’re lucky harry won’t be licking Sally, and the dog won’t be chasing the cat up the tree – but in all seriousness the photos will just be so much fun that you literally cannot just pick ONE! Upon picking for favorite or favorite’s, it is time to create the perfect Christmas Card to send out to your family and friends, be sure to plan accordingly as these will also take approx. 2 to 4 weeks to get back to you once ordered. We like to send our holiday cards out around the last week of November, this ensures everyone receives them just in time for St.Nick to arrive.


Want to take your own photos? Are you ready with those matching PJS? Perfect!! But now what do you do for your pictures? No need to worry about those awkward family posed photos – that’s the fun with Matching family Pajamas – the options are endless to create your perfect photo moments. Many of today’s themed family photos incorporate colorful props and DIY bunting and banners to jazz up your traditional family photo feel. Using props add character and pizazz to your photos, just enough to encompass that holiday feel, adding a little extra warmth to your holiday moment.

While we know there a ton of creative mom’s out there – some of us are not Martha Stewart in the making and need all the help we can get! Have you seen my last bunting project?! Lets hash that up to a #pinterestfail

Here are a few magical ideas to inspire your Christmas Family pajama photoshoot:

Pictures In A Snowy Winter Wonderland: Do you live in a snowy region? Well, it’s a golden chance for you to capture the moments in a snowy winter wonderland. Let your little ones grab the fluffy snow in their hands and capture the moments in your PJS. Create the snow globe and capture the surprises. If not, what about going to a local park, or even sitting on your front steps. Make it fun & easy!

Simple & Fun Props: Props ignite the festive spirit. Like hand-written notes impress your heart, likewise, a chalkboard with holiday notes written on it adds charm to the photography session. Stand beside the Christmas tree and Chalkboard and let this prop do all the magic for you.


Hopefully, the aforesaid ideas let you make unique and cute portraits of your family through the Holiday season. The best thing about family holiday pictures is that they captured moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.visit now

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