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Need help with Weight Loss?


Living well comes at a price … but to truly be able to live well in life, is already influenced at a molecular level from inherited genetic predisposition to what we expose ourselves to both internally and externally.

We’re often quick to follow the norm and buy insurance, invest financially … but how many us truly appreciate and value our own bodies? Do you nurture your body? Do you invest in your body?

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. Jim Rohn

Oz Vitamins Worldwide  has taken 35 popular supplements and streamlined them into 5 unique products to address the health issues of Eyes, Joints, Skin, Sleep and Weight.

Weight loss is a battle for many but although dietary and lifestyle changes are the ultimate means for achieving healthy weight, supplements can certainly support your challenge.

Even though the basic formula to losing weight is the simple maths of caloric expenditure needing to be greater than caloric intake, there is still a clear issue of weight problems around the world. That’s because this dynamic equilibrium is a little more intricate, influenced by lifestyle & genetics, nutritional intake, reward cravings and satiation, metabolism, stress response capabilities and hormones.

There needs to be a shift in focus of seeing weight as a reflection of vanity or self-acceptance. The motivation to lose weight shouldn’t be to look like magazine covers or from body shaming. Conversely, the lack of motivation shouldn’t result from defeated complacency under the guise of body acceptance and ‘loving your own body’.

Loving your body is not about looking in the mirror and being visually content. It’s about respecting your body, honouring life itself, and embracing all the unseen potential masked only by the tangible.

Let Oz Vitamins give you the #upperhand to aim higher and better and be the best version of yourself.

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