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Technology That Makes Being a Mom Easier

The whole point of technological advancements is to make our lives a little easier. No one needs a helping hand more than busy moms. Technology can’t add more hours to the day (yet), but it can help you maximize the time you have when you use the apps, gadgets, and devices below.

The New iPhone 7 Pro

There’s no denying that the iPhone is still the premier smart phone on the market. The release of the larger, slimmer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t just an update of the physical characteristics. Apple added a number of very useful features like the Health app and Apple Pay that make life easier.

Moms are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 7 Pro, which promises to be even more advanced than the previous models. Track your health stats with better accuracy, get more storage options, take pictures of your kids in super high resolution with the dual camera lens and more. Of course, you’ll want to protect this pocket-sized computer with an iPhone 7 Plus screen protector that prevents breaks without impacting the touch screen sensitivity.

Parental Controls for Electronics

When we were kids the only parental controls for TV and computer use was having a parent actually looking over your shoulder. Today, you can monitor your kid’s activities and prevent access with parental controls. Some controls are built in like the settings on a DVR from your cable provider. There are also parental control apps that can be added to Internet-connected devices.

These controls give parents peace of mind that’s priceless. There are so many dangers online between explicit content, cyber bullying, hackers and malware. No matter which parental controls you use remember to check them regularly to make sure they are working properly and haven’t been tampered with.

Apps That Keep Track of Everything

When you’re short on sleep and busy chasing down kids it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. List making and data log apps that connect across devices can help you remember all those to-dos and important information from anywhere. Our top picks include:

  • ·  Evernotes
  • ·  WorkFlowy
  • ·  BabyFeed
  • ·  Milk Maid
  • ·  Baby Connect

Grocery Shopping and Meals

One of the biggest time sucks for moms is grocery shopping and meal preparation. You can make long grocery store trips a thing of the past by ordering groceries online and having them delivered.

Yes, the convenience does come at a cost, but it’s usually worth your time. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are top options because the service delivers all the ingredients and a recipe for an entire meal. All you have to do is select the meal you like best, and you’re done. There are also companies like Instacart that have personal shoppers who will pick up and deliver items off your grocery list.

Baby Monitors and Nanny Cams

By now you probably already know live streaming baby monitors and nanny cams provide an important benefit – they give you a way to keep an eye on your kids when you aren’t around. Some people have debated the use of nanny cams, particularly when they’re concealed. However, for most moms, the real question is what features should you look for in a camera.

Live streaming cameras have advanced dramatically in recent years. The technology has come so far you can now turn the devices you already own into a two-way video monitors. Android using moms can save money without sacrificing safety with the Baby Monitor 3G app. Regardless of which camera you use, the key features to look for are video quality, audio capture (many don’t have this for legal reasons), live feed and recording capabilities.

Consolidated Social Media

Social media isn’t just a frivolous pastime for moms. We can use it to connect with out of town family members, get the latest PTA updates and receive special deals or money-saving coupons. The one problem is trying to manage your growing list of social media accounts.

Social media management apps bring all of your accounts together in a single place. With a platform like Hootsuite you can consolidate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Buffer is another popular social media management app that will also allow you to schedule posts and updates.

Get Kids to Go to Sleep

The nightly bedtime struggle is something every parent is familiar with. No matter how old a child is, if they’re under the age of eight they probably take a while to fall asleep. And when they’re awake it’s virtually impossible for mom to rest.

The solution is a play button away. White Noise Baby and White Noise are two apps that will lull a baby or child to sleep with gentle sounds. YouTube’s Soundscapes Sleep Mix also offers 10 hours of sleepy ambient noise. All of these options can provide soothing sounds throughout the night but don’t forget to plug in your device so it doesn’t drain the battery.


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