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ÖRing: THE REAL SMART vibrating ring

MIAMI BEACH, FL — Technology improves our everyday lives, especially when it comes to fitness related activities. We like to think of ÖRing as the “Fitbit” of the sex toy market – so get ready because the ÖRing is here to help you and your partner burn some calories and improve what we like to call the best exercise in the word: SEX.
What makes our sex toy so innovative, unique and fun? It’s the ONLY sex toy on the market that takes your bedroom fun to the next level with incredible technological features and advancements:
The ÖRing can not only be controlled by your Smart phone but also the FIRST device to be controlled by Apple watch in the sexual section
The ÖRing can record the number of times you have an “activity,” SPEED, calories burnt, duration – you can even participate in “rankings” amongst other couples who are using our app
The ÖRing has a wireless charge function. The wireless charger is so sophistically designed, it can be left on any tabletop as a design piece (and no one will know it’s actually a sex toy!)
The ÖRing assists your partner, giving him or her more time to feed off your reactions and climax more quickly. Even more…with a heartbeat tracker, the ÖRing can learn you habits, predict when you climax is, so your partner will know when to “go for it” or when he/she needs to “do more”
The ÖRing can record your favorite position and the “frequency” at which you like it at
The ÖRing is water resistant, meaning you can even burn those calories in a hot tub or swimming pool!
The ÖRing will periodically be updated, bringing new functions and improving its usability

We, at Ovita Creative, use health and technology to advance your sexual desires, but we’re more than a company that designs and creates sex toys. We care about the people using our products and that’s why we’ve decided to donate $1 for every ÖRing purchased to the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). As the oldest nonprofit organization in the underserved area of sexually transmitted infections and one that plays a leading role in sexual health advocacy efforts, we felt the ASHA was a natural fit for what we believe in: having fun, and being safe and healthy.
Please visit our campagna page for more information on the ÖRing and why it’s the right product to fulfil all of your sexual desires: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/oring-the-real-smart-vibrating-ring–2/x/13140267#/
Please confirm receipt to brandon@jumperpowerlabs.com

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