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Braiding Your Daughter’s Hair

Children can try several hairstyles based on where they are going to. You can get creative with your daughter’s hair to ensure that she stands out whether she is going to school or a party. Braiding is an easy and fast yet stylish means of styling your child’s hair. Depending on the type of hair that your young beauty has, you can choose to braid it in various ways.

The soft and lush Caucasian hair may be difficult to braid in totality. Hence, you can opt for styles that only braid part of the hair while leaving the rest free. A French braid ponytail is one example of such a style and takes little time to pull off. Just ensure that your young one’s hair is straight enough and then proceed to braid it up.

Black hair is much easier to braid because a lot of the time it is coarse. There are plenty of styles that you can try if your child falls into this category. Be sure, though, to choose a style that will complement the type of face that your young one has. Also, when braiding every part of her head, do not pull hair too much as this could lead to scalp irritation. Use a mild hair oil on the scalp after you are done.

Even with braiding, you can pull off crazy hairstyles for kids and teenagers. As long as the child’s hairdo respects the theme of the event she is headed to, you can pretty much try any style that you have in mind. As a matter of fact, adding accessories to the braided hair will make your young one stand out without much effort. Such accessories as beads as well as ribbons have the quality of making your child look both cute and stylish. Be sure to pick accessories that match the kid’s outfit though; otherwise her look may appear somewhat “overcrowded”.

Well, boys too can have their hair braided. In summer, especially, you can choose to have them braid up so that not much heat gets to destroy one’s hair. However, many schools do not accept that boys show up with their hair braided so you might have to give this a thought before you proceed to braid him as is desired.

Your child can get away with most hairstyles while you cannot. How about dying the hair before you braid her/him? Well, before a child enters puberty where they are very self-conscious about their looks and hope only to have cute teenage haircuts for boys and girls, have them go a little wild with coloured braids!

Well, there are many styles that you can have your young one rock depending on their type of hair and shape of face. Braiding is an easy means of taking care of your child’s hair provided it is done right. For the African American hair, your child can stay for even a week with well-braided hair. This is absolutely time and money saving!

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