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What People Searched On Google: 2005 Vs 2015

I remain anchored on Google for a very handsome amount of my daily time, searching for an enormous quantity of content; so do you, and every other person around you. While we have our own set of interests that we remain interested in asking from “Sir Google,” what immediately attracts our attention is the data about what people around us are searching on Google in general.

Did you ever imagine that an Indian actress, Katrina Kaif, was the second most searched actress in the USA during the year 2005? No, you didn’t and why would you even care? Let me tell you. This is because the comparison between people’s Google searches in 2005 and 2015 will let us understand how the mentalities and priorities changed during the course of ten years. The list I have come up with will let you know that change in 15 different categories. Even if you can connect to any one of them, my story will be successful.

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1. Category: Actresses ! Lindsay Lohan|Ruby Rose


2. Category: Animals ! Dogs|Chicken


3. Category: TV Shows !American Idol|Better Call Saul


4.Category: Athletes ! Michael Jordon|Ronda Rousey


5. Category: Cars ! Ford Mustang|Chevrolet Malible


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