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Say no to Chub Rub

With impending summers, it’s that time of year again when you simply can’t help baring your legs to cope with the blistering heat. Besides, all those pretty floral dresses and charming shorts in your closet begging to be put on, are a temptation too hard to resist.

If your legs are large with thighs rubbing together constantly, you are likely to be trapped in the Chafe prison, aka the Chub Rub, before long, making it impossible for you to walk down the streets or exercise for even 10 minutes at a stretch, making you wonder how on earth the skin of your thighs has come to be irritated this much.
How Does Chafe Appear In The First Place?
During the summers, the thighs become particularly vulnerable to irritation, owing to humidity and constant sweating. The rubbing together of thighs against each other causes intense friction, making the skin wear away and become sore. The skin becomes broken, tender, inflamed and red.

The inevitable result is burning of the skin of your inner thighs, leaving them raw and painful. The condition is quite painful and if it is not dealt with in time, it can cause the skin barrier to wear out, making the area susceptible to skin infections.

Chub Rub is even more likely to develop in people who engage in activities like walking, jogging, swimming etc. during which the inner thighs come in frequent contact with each other. The condition is even worse for people who are overweight, have large legs and during pregnancy.
Say Goodbye To Chub Rub For Good!

Shop now

Shop now

And say hello to Chafe Zone. ( This product, with all its gloriously placating anti-chafe elements, is heaven-sent for all the people already suffering from a bout of chafe or on the look-out for the best chub rub prevention product for the upcoming summers.

Chafe Zone is simply the best anti-chafing remedy for all the skin irritation problems you are likely to encounter. It has a gelatinous consistency and helps reduce the friction between the thighs as well as from tight fitting garments like riding pants that wreak havoc on your skin.

Chafe Zone not only helps relieve the inflamed thighs but also helps regenerate the worn out skin cells owing to the fact that it contains fatty acids that are essential for stimulating the growth of skin cells. Chafe Zone ensures that your thighs are well insulated from the toll of friction as you indulge in your favorite exercising routine.

Chafe Zone has been formulated to combat chafe and skin irritation on any area of the body that is bound to be affected by chub rub; between the toes, under arms, inner thighs and under the breasts. It is simply the best anti-chafe formula that gives you the freedom to don any kind of form fitting attire, without worrying about chafing.

Chafe Zone is an amazing skin tonic worth investing in if you want to breeze through the summers without any troublesome skin problems to spend your summer in ultimate comfort. You can find more out about ChafeZone at or@goMedZone. It can also be found at

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