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Now A New Eye Care Product From The Trusted Japanese Brand Maruichi

The Japanese brand Maruichi has recently unveiled a new product as an addition in its existing range of eye-care products. The product promises to be quite effective for dealing with common eye care problems encountered by women across the world.

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January 16, 2016 – The eyes are the windows to the soul and when these eyes are looking dull and have sagging skin under them, it is indeed the time to get the best eye care available at hand. The Japanese brand Maruichi acknowledges the significance of good eye care to keep the eyes always beautiful and has continually invested in research and design. The trusted brand has recently unveiled a new eye care product in the market.

The new product is RV Eye Cream that has oats essence, two kinds of hydraulic acid, collagen and Vitamin C as its key ingredients. Smooth in application, the new eye care cream is non-sticky and form a thin protection layer surrounding the eyes so that there is no possibility of quick moisture evaporation. It is also a good UV protector and anti-wrinkling cream for the eyes.They  accept international order.


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