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With all the late success in equality for the LGBT community, it could only be expected that Hollywood would take influence from this exciting time in history.  The short film Foreign Tongues, directed by Jarred Januschka and starred by Ottavio Taddei, Carina Haller and Thaila Ayala, premiered at the 7th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is all about another take in a real life scenario. This stunning film tells the story about engaged couple Mariana (Carina Haller) and Eduardo (Ottavio Taddei) who fall apart upon her discovery of her attraction towards another woman, Fernanda (Thaila Ayala).

Ottavio Taddei makes an impressive dramatic performance as the passionate, loving and gorgeous Eduardo, while Brazilian superstar Thaila Ayala puts up a fair game with sensual and hip Fernanda. Thaila Ayala, who is already a well-known actress in Brazil, has also appeared in James Franco’s latest film Rio Heat while Ottavio Taddei can be seen on the National Geographic Channel as Adam in The Story Of God, starring Morgan Freeman.  The Italian actor is an up and coming success who is also starring in films like First House on The Hill, White Vengence and the award winning film Last To Repeat. With such incredible international talent in Foreign Tongues, this short is sure to keep growing its visibility in international film festivals.  The actors truly put up a fair game in the love triangle, leaving the audience undecided on who to root for.  Carina Haller delivers an impeccable performance as successfully expresses the inner struggles of her character, making her discovery very relatable.

The only way to find out who wins her heart is by watching the film. With tones of Woody Allen, Foreign Tongues was nominated for best short film in the 7th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival and screened at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. The festival, which is on its 7th edition, bringing the best of Brazilian cinema to Los Angeles, this year opens with Oscar nominated film The Second Mother and is free. The non-profit organization screens new Brazilian cinema for five days every fall in different theater around Los Angeles. Foreign Tongues is a one of a kind film that is remarkably written and incredibly well executed by the actors. For venue information and tickets to the opening gala please visit: www.hbrfest.com

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