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Girls, Here’s What To Get Your Best Friend For Christmas

Wondering what to get your BFF for Christmas this year? Getting something new and exciting is often troublesome! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Even if you have no ideas so far, we’re sure there’s something here that she’ll love!





Know what scent your bestie wears? Go for it, that’s an easy present in the bag. If you don’t, then there’s plenty still to choose from that have been incredibly popular in 2015. Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Black Opium’ perfume smells divine and will make your friend feel gorgeous.


Clothes Vouchers

Girls love a shopping spree – you know that! Treat her to a hefty gift card for her favourite clothes store. You could even go with her and help her spend it during the Boxing Day and January sales. You two are bound to find some top quality bargains!



Signify your friendship with a friendship bracelet that your BFF can treasure forever. Jewelry is expensive but worth it, especially if you find the perfect little something for your best friend! Try a coupon from Discountrue to see if you could save yourself some money on a range of exquisite jewellery at


Spoil your girlfriend with some yummy chocolates or delicious sweets! It’s important to present these in a nice unique way too. So, try a basket! Hershey’s, M&Ms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will all go down a treat; we’re sure!


Quirky Phone Case

A unique phone case for your BFF’s smartphone could be an awesome Christmas gift! There are thousands of different styles online and in store. Here are some of the best for you to check out, that she’ll hopefully love.


Fluffy Xmas Jumper

How could she not love a gorgeous, fluffy Christmas jumper? It’s the festive period, it’s cold outside, and everybody wants to feel cosy – so why not!? Now she’s got an outfit for Christmas Day sorted!


Photo Frame

If you’re keen to get her a sentimental gift, then there’s nothing sweeter than a photo frame. Fill it with awesome selfies of the pair of you – she’ll cherish it forever! For a personal touch, why not decorate the frame with a sharpie and some coloured paper? Your BFF will love all the thought you’ve put into her Christmas present!


Spotify Subscription

Spotify is perfect for your music loving bestie! If she’s always jamming to her favorite tracks then make sure she can do it ad-free and on her mobile by gifting her a subscription this Christmas! Unlike the free version, you can also take your tunes offline, too! If you really feel like treating her, then why not pick up a portable Bluetooth speaker, too?



Treat your best friend to some high-end makeup – it’s a guaranteed hit with any girly girl! Why not get her a MAC lipstick or an Urban Decay Naked palette? Basically, she’ll love anything you would – so splash out on her and show her how much she means to you!


These exciting presents are bound to dazzle your BFF this Christmas! Hopefully, she’ll feel extra special and thoroughly spoilt after you’ve got to all the effort with these excellent gift ideas. Good luck!

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