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Bring On The Best Girls Night In

Grab your diaries and mark the date. Girl’s night in is on the cards. There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s a brilliant occasion to throw the rule book away. Get your besties together and have some no boys fun.

There just something special about these nights and you want to make sure it’ll go with a pop and a lot of laughs.  So how about a few ideas to shake things up and maybe make this girl’s night in one fashionista, fun and frivolous night to remember.

Give it a theme.

A real fun way to create something special is to find a theme and let everyone know so they can be sure to be a part of the fun.  From your favourite celeb to a movie genre of even a series you all like. Harry Potter evening anyone?  How about a Hunger Games theme?  Maybe something like a Pride and Prejudice or Mary Poppins night is more you!  Line up your music and think of some cool costume ideas. The best thing about a theme is that you can focus all your other fun activities around it.

Chick Flicks are compulsory

Grab a copy of your favourite DVD.  Get your friends to bring theirs.  It can be a marathon, or simply a choice of one or two tear-jerking favorites.  From Grease to Steel Magnolias, Thelma and Louise to Dirty Dancing, even the Sound of Music!  Make sure you’ve got the best TV set up and ready to go. Pay weekly televisions for bad credit gives everybody an option.

Don’t forget the food.

Where would the sleepover be without the popcorn?  Get the popcorn maker going and let the fun begin.  But you could always make your food a little more adventurous and even have some fun with it.  How about a homemade pizza or even cookie or a cupcake competition?  You could tie theme with your theme for hilarious results!

Spa night’s essential

Where would a girls night be without the humble, gentle face mask, or nail glitter when it comes that? From manicure to pedicure, from head to toe, there’s a heap of fun to be had whisking up potions and beautifying your guests. Tonight makeovers are a must.

You won’t be leaving here with the clothes you came in wearing

A clothes swap is just like having free access to everybody’s wardrobe. You’ll try on things you never would have dreamed and maybe even pick up that outfit you’ve been secretly envying for months.  Just makes sure that everyone knows to bring the clothes they’ve grown tired of.  And, everyone will come away with something, plus there’ll be a whole lot of fun to be had in the meantime.

Get Crafty

Why not raise the tone, at least for a while in the evening. Scrapbooking, candle making, glueing sparkles onto just about anything that moves.  Board Games can be hilarious when you get together and you can add as many forfeits as you like.

The best thing about your evening in is that you don’t have to do anything at all. Maybe a few bottles of wine and some cheese and crackers and your fav PJ’S is all you need. A true girls night in is about friendship, fun and sharing. Let your hair down and have some laughs!

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