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Bebox for Meal Preppers: A Health and Fitness Dream

Los Angeles, CA November 2015 – If there’s one thing us girls like it’s staying in shape. But when you’re trying to eat healthy when out and about, or taking supplements to the gym, do you find it infuriating to lose your containers? Fed up of them filling your bag, or having different foods touching in the same container? Never fear, because help is on the horizon. Everyone who prepares meals and uses them to either take away or save for later in the fridge or freezer knows how important a container is. Many kitchens are, in fact, filled with all sorts and sizes of containers, bought for many different purposes. They are, however, often neglected or totally forgotten at the back of kitchen cupboards. Now there is finally a solution to lost container lids and the lack of space in cabinets for storing different sized containers: Bebox. Bebox is the ideal container for meal preppers. It’s an all-in-one container that allows users to customize portion control. It’s stackable, collapsible, and adjustable.

Bebox for Meal Preppers:

Bebox for Meal Preppers:

Bebox is a specialized food storage container helping consumers with meal preparations and portion control. Its stackable feature allows a single lid to fit over multiple containers. It’s also adjustable to fit any meal thanks to its movable dividers. It collapses down to less than half its original size, and comes in four different colors (blue, green, white and black). There is a measurement guide molded inside each Bebox, and a detachable handle on the outside for ease of use.

The project is currently looking for supporters and contributors throughBebox. Jenna Baik is the founder of Bebox, and Will Adams is the product developer. Their collective motto is ‘Bebox – Be the Box, Be What You Eat’. Check it out at

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