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Save it for a Rainy Day: great indoor games for children

When it comes to rain, we Brits are famous around the world for our expertise. Our children don’t mind getting wet and we might as well accept that most outdoor play activities will happen under pouring rain. So why not make the most of it and choose children’s activities that are perfect for wet weather? Keep the kids happy under grey skies with these ideas for fun activities.Find more at THE KIDS CARE

The Kids Care

The Kids Care

Camp indoors
At Camp Home things are comfy. Camp can be set up in a number of creative ways. A small pop-up tent can be lined with an inflatable mattress or some pillows, although sleeping bags might be a bit overkill for your indoor climate, depending of course on your home’s insulation. If a tent is not part of your inventory try draping a large sheet over some chairs or a couch to recreate the experience.

Writing games
Writing is a great way to combine creativity and learning. Play some great writing games that will have the kids roaring with laughter. They can be as simple as Hangman. Two can play the Paper Fold Story. Take turns writing a sentence, one below the other on the same piece of paper. Make sure the last word is written below the rest of your sentence. Fold the paper over your sentence leaving the topic a mystery while at the same time exposing the final word. The other person must begin their sentence with the uncovered word. When the paper is full, unfold to reveal your crazy, funny story. Search for writing games and you’ll find the internet filled with great suggestions.

Cook with the kids
Children can learn about how to cook their favorite treats. Just be warned, when you cook with your child things can get rather messy. Cooking can simply mean making a creative sandwich. Gordon Ramsey might not approve but chances are your home is Ramsey-free. Healthy snacks can replace greasy or sugary temptations.

Fancy dress tea party
Host a tea party with your child’s favorite characters. Superheroes and princesses are welcome, fancy dress is encouraged. Tea time is a nice break from other activities and will most likely turn into something new when tea and scones have been devoured.

Indoor treasure hunt
Leave mysterious clues that lead to a mysterious treasure, somewhere in the house and not out in the rain. Number the clues in envelopes for the kids to keep count. Setting a time limit will make this challenge even more exciting!

Grey skies and muddy boots don’t have to get you down in the dumps. Do fun activities with your kids and you will be rewarded with smiles and laughter.

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