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PhuketFit: Top Spot For Weight Loss For Women

PhuketFit is an absolute hit with all of the ladies, and about 60% of our guests are in fact female. Here you can work together and loose excess weight and increase your fitness in the company of others, safely and confidently. Come along for just a few weeks, away from your busy lives. Find out what a world of difference can be achieved — while you’re enjoying the pleasant surroundings, the great food and friendly company.

If you need the support and the wisdom to carry out a comprehensive and effective fitness/weight loss regime then this is the place to be. Join a team dedicated to caring for you and your body. Find out what you can accomplished within yourself and without as you refocus and refresh; and meet so many other like–minded women: why not make a few lifelong friendships while you’re here!

We listen, we act and we will help you to fulfill your goals. We understand every one of our guests are different and realize they will all have different reasons for wanting to get fit.

You might be getting married soon and want to start your new life being the best, and most beautiful you’ve ever been. You may have been married for some time and need a kick start  to recharging those flat batteries and to feel like you’re 18 again!

You may have had a wake up call with unexpected health issues or just plain tired of how you’ve been feeling for far too long… Whatever the reason, we’ll be the best support for you and, if you give us the chance, we’ll extend you beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Comradery among the guests create life long memories as everyone mixes and mingles and encourages one another. Become a powerhouse team over the few days you’re here; working out together, on similar programmes, or working out on programmes tailored for you as an individual. No matter the combination, we will work for you and create the desired results.

There are so many options to choose from while you’re here on the best fitness holiday around. Chose things like Zumba–dance, TRX high (or low) impact classes. Or strengthen your core with Pilates; and clear the mind while working out with Yoga. It’ll be fun and a bundle of laughs’ and you will want to return again and again.

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