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Skin Care Tips

When we ask people that what they use after cleansing then there answer may be nothing or some kind of cream recommended by friends. Due to lack of awareness, people don’t use toners to help their skin looking glowingly fresh. Toner is basically a liquid product which is a combination of some ingredients. These ingredients help skin to recover its surface after cleansing and ultimately it helps to give a smooth feel to our skin.So, if you are one of the people who used to believe that a skin toner is not necessary or not good for skin then change your opinion about it because a toner chosen appropriately can do wonders on your skin. It not only helps skin to be recovered or smoothness out after cleansing, it also shrinks the skin pores giving it a fresh look and in some cases making it less blemished.

There are many types of toners like Fresheners, skin tonics and astringents. Fresheners are made up of mild ingredients like water, rose essence, or glycerin. This type can be used by sensitive and mixed skin (oily from some areas and dry from some). It is quite mild and can be used by everyone with any kind of skin provided if some is not allergic to such mild ingredients.Then next type is known as Skin Toner, it contains a very small amount of alcohol or a large amount of other mild ingredients. This is also helpful for giving a fresh look to skin but people with sensitive skin must use them after proper guidance and advice. Then third type is astringents and it contains a large percentage of alcohol.

But any toner must be selected by keeping all the things which irritate your skin and your skin type in mind. Otherwise using a toner may prove to be a disaster like any other inappropriately chosen skin care product. So, choose an appropriate toner and get great results that will amaze you.

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