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Scooter for rent in Chiang Mai

A best company work in the moto-rental market for many years. All our motorcycles and scooters are in excellent technical condition. All company employees follow the highest standards of personal conduct with respect to responsibility and tradition. High standards of personal conduct mean that our employees follow the principles of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and respect when dealing with customers, as if our clients were our own relatives or good friends.

So, renting a bike in our company you get:
– free delivery to your place of your residence (you do not need to spend time searching bike rent);
– reasonable prices (you can be sure that you will find a high-grade service at a reasonable price);
– a full tank of petrol (you do not need to look for gas station immediately after you’ve rented a bike and you can do what you want);
– first aid kit (you do not have to look for a pharmacy to pay for expensive hospital if you get into a small accident);
– anti-dust mask (your respiratory system will be protected from dust, dirt and partially from smog);
– insurance (be careful, the insurance company pays for your medication only if you have the driving license of “A” category if you do not have the license of this category – we can help you to get it);

reliable and honest service (you will not be deceived into parting with money and no one will ask you to pay for damages you have nothing to do with, for example for the scratched plastic, or lamp which has been broken by the previous customer);
– after the end of the lease period we’ll pick up the motorbike from your hotel and even if your departure is unexpected we will refund your deposit to the card, PayPal or e-wallet (WebMoney, Yandex Money), even if you just leave the keys at the reception your hotel;
– in case you are not sure which model of the motorbike you want to rent – we will help you to make a choice so you will have only positive impressions from the trip and from the use of our service

Our rental store for motorcycles and scooters is open from 8 am to 9 pm. You can also contact us at your convenience via telephone +66 (0) 857-114-403, , contact form or via our Facebook page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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