Are you an average Joe with some interesting video? Were you at the right place, at the right time, recordingsomething interesting on one of your digital devices? Do you own a video which you think can be comical,uplifting or catastrophic? Did you capture a paranormal bump in the night that still has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up every time you press play? Are you still just sharing it with friends for fun sake? Well,now you can put those video clips to work while earning you revenue. Yes, you read that correctly; your videos can earn you more money than you might think! This is all being made possible by ambitious entrepreneur Alex Cortes, launching a Kickstarter Campaign for his revenue generating media website, Caught On Tape TV(COT TV), linking videographers around the world, with the Movie Industry As reported, COT TVis an internet based video database website that will store and license videos from artistsworldwide, providing a revenue generating hub to creators of video content. It provides a platform, where the producers can license the copyrighted material directly from the owner and videographers can process andappraise new content and earn from it. The idea behind “Caught On Tape TV” is to bridge the gap in the Television and film industry.
Many broadcasters are using “Caught on Tape” phrase while showing some really interesting stuff on TV. Such producers are constantly looking for some interesting videos which they can present on their shows. COT TV aims at providing a single platform where the
video graphers, worldwide, can upload their videos and producers get a source for licensed, unscripted video content, caught in the moment on camera or video tape without any chance of reproducing or re
-duplicating again. It’s a bridge between real
world videos from independent videographers worldwide and the producers and directors who are willing to pay for using them.

Reportedly, as it’s a direct platform connecting freelance videographers and the professionals looking for
invaluable raw footage, and being a direct source to film and TV industries, the submissions will be screened for quality and content so that the producers and directors can get the best work. As stated, COT TV provides an online meeting place for purchasers and owners of intellectual content to negotiate and will also help videographers copyright their properties to protect their investments. An experience of working within the industry and long standing relationship with many producers, who have worked for decades in media, has provideda unique insight into the industry for Caught On Tape TV founders, thus making it easier for them to understand the requirements for retaining, licensing and generating revenue from the content. It fulfills licensing needs of producers and ensures fair value for the videographers.
The official launch date for COT TV will be sometime before the end of the year. To share and contribute to their campaign and for more information, visit

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