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My Experience with Hello Pal

Recently I had came across this wonderful app on my android phone. Actually I had some foreign customers and friends who were not very good in english and i couldn’t understand there language as well. So I was looking for something that can help us communicate . It seemed a tough ask and I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to do. But Hello Pal made it possible. Once I had installed Hello Pal. I am now able to contact with all my foreign clients and even made more foreign clients and friends through this application.
Hello Pal is as far I know the first app of its kinds that allows you to talk to people from all over the world, in their foreign languages, without much effort at all. So If you are wondering whats Hello Pal and How it does work.

Some of Its key features I found are these:
you’ll be able to search for language partners all around the world according to criteria such as nationality, location, fluent languages, learning languages, etc.It will seem like a social messenger app likeViber, Whatsapp, where you can chat using text and audio messages.

 Hello Pal also Integrate  into the chat messenger are phrasebooks which contain phrases that are commonly used in conversations. For example if you want to talk French Friend.Open the Hello Pal  French phrasebook.choose a phrase you want to say.listen to the guide audio.record your voice and send It.

I am exploring a lot of languages and talking to people fro all over the world .It got more than what I was expecting.This app helped me promote my business .And this is just Great i am finding it very interesting and it is very useful to me.

You can Download this app on your android Phone here :


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