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Amazing Nail Art Trends

Each expert is trying to come up with something different designs to please the clients. Fashion industry has been revolutions by the way people are adopting and demanding for unique trends.The nail art trends are no behind in this race and are competing with full energy to make girls get more classic outlook. Let’s check out some of the latest nail art trends that have made the girls more stylish, stunning and classy .

Organic nail feathers


Simply Organic nail feathers are a fun way to brighten up any nails. Available in colors for every occasion these are a fun addition to every nail techs tool box.

Puzzle piece nail art

First, apply your base coat to each nail. paint a small square in the bottom right corner of your nail.Using a different color, make another square in the top right corner above the one you just made before.Next, in the lower left corner, make another small square with a different color.Filling in the empty space, paint one last small square with a different color.add a small dot in between the two colors on the top. Make sure the dot is the same color as the top left square.Continue making these small dots, making sure the color matches at least one of the squares it is attached to.start outlining each puzzle piece using the black nail art pen.All done outlining!apply your top coat, and you’re all done

Color Block Mustache Nail Art

Pair bold colors with nail art of your favorite facial hair for a fun and festive occasion.Hope you like it.



Valentine themed Nail

Every girl’s idea of dressing up for Valentine’s Day includes head-to-toe  pink or cherry red. But if you’re looking for a not so complicated way to show that you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow, you can’t go wrong with nail are beautiful valentine themed nail art picture for you.


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Apply these nail art trends and you will surely look more stylish and attractive.


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