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Things to Avoid in Applying Makeup


After applying lotion or cream always apply face powder. On a dry skin the face powder clogs the pores making them visible. However, on an oily skin powder doesn’t last long.
When you choose a shade always try not to opt for brighter hues since bright shades always highlight wrinkles, fine lines and signs of tiredness. By applying small amount of foundation in the chin area. Apply using a sponge to blend it gently on to your skin. Apply face powder in peach pink shade using a loose powder brush.
Not only apply foundation on the chin area but also on the rest of the face area and neck too. The trick is to apply foundation using a wet sponge starting from your neck to upward. After that tap off excess foundation for fixation and do not apply any powder on top.
Many ladies think that applying eye liner on the inner sides of the eye rims make them look bigger but this is not the reality. This makes your eyes look smaller. In order to add depth to your eyes put small dots at the base of your eyelashes and then join them.
Never apply rogue cream after applying face powder. This might end up into bright spots on your cheeks. The best thing you can do is to apply rouge powder after the application of rogue cream. Apply face highlighter on the right spots is another important thing. Some people put face highlighter here and there without knowing which part of their face they should highlight. So be specific in applying face highlighter.

Never make the lip liner look darker than that of your lipstick shade. Applying a pencil that is close enough to the lipstick shade is a great idea for you to look good and appealing.
Application of darker shades on the upper eye lids is the worst idea. It can make your eyes look hollow. Go for peach or beige shades rather than darker tones.
Many people say that opting for the eye shades according to your eye color is good. It will hide the natural color of your eyes. Contrasting colors are good for you to apply. For people having blue eyes dark brown would be a better choice. Green colored eyed people should go for pink and so on.
Avoid applying lipstick if your lip color is plum. Darker pink tone would suit you using a fine lipstick brush in such case.

Avoid shades like green color if you are tired or your eyes look tired. Beige and peach nuances are your best choice here. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply mascara on the upper eye lashes. While choosing the colors of your eye shades do make sure you have darker as well as lighter color shades, as in case of attending a social gathering at night time a darker shade of eye shadow will be effective in the evening or night time in comparison to lighter shades for day time.

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