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Best Makeup Colors For Summer

Here we give you best tips about make up color for summer .Your summer look will be incomplete without the touch of yellow hue. Give a sunny touch to your makeup by adding a hint of yellow eye shadow. You can also try out yellow on your lashes or on your nails.

Try out the hot pink shade this summer and give a fresh subtle glow to your appearance. Swap out the shade of pink as a go-to blush and adorn your eyes with a grapefruit pink color. Play out the cooler tones of pink with their bolder cousin hot pink. Don’t overplay with hot pink, because less is too much with this shade. Stay away from the neon hue at maximum, as neon pink on nails is quite enough.

Purple is a great color to try out because you can use it with many options. Try the lilac shade lipstick and nail color. Also, accentuate your purple look with amethyst eye makeup.Play cool with the shades or purple and pair up it with aqua or teal shades to create a dreamy look.

The aquatic teal hue is a must-to-try color this summer. It looks amazingly beautiful and glamorous when applied on the lower waterline.You can use this shade for coating your lashes or by trying out on your nails.

The juicy orange shade is great to try out this summer. Swipe the orange color across your lids to put on a daring look. You can also try out Orange hue matter lipstick to help maintaining the temper of the shade.

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