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Buket Guler- The Modern Day Fashionista

There is a very interesting woman in Istanbul, Turkey who is quietly building an influencer empire over that ancient bridge that connects Asia to Europe. Her name is Buket Guler. And she rocks! She also models some very beautiful clothes and promotes many other products on her very successful online and offline stores. She’s become so well known in the brief period that she has been an influencer that she has been written about in some of the most popular magazines and newspapers in Turkey and Europe: Elle, which is arguably one of the most important fashion magazines in Europe, Turkey and worldwide; Magdergi, this magazine is read by upper classes in Turkey; Posta, the very highly respected and well read newspaper in Turkey; Divamagazin, which targets the high society of Turkey; Marieclaire, another extremely important fashion magazine of the world; and the newspaper Milliyet, which is the most popular one in Turkey. She has also been interviewed by the most prestigious university in Turkey, Bogazici University. 

Many of her classic and very classy images, besides being posted on her Instagram influencer pages, are also a part of Getty Images, which is the most popular photo gallery in the world. She has also been in Vogue Magazine, which is the most prominent fashion magazine on the planet. Buket is the driving force and founder of the two extremely successful shopping pages in Turkey: Shopthetrendy and Pukfashion. These two platforms have a combined amount of loyal followers and shoppers totally almost 700,000. 

Buket doesn’t just sit around and Istanbul all day and watch her numbers grow and grow. No, she is constantly working to make things better and better for her followers and for the companies and products that she represents. She is a serious business woman who is goal oriented and when she sees a new product or brand that she feels is right for her clients then she jumps on it and becomes its ambassador. For instance, she became a brand ambassador of Swaroski. Their vision was to make “a diamond for everyone” by making crystals affordable. Swarovski is now a fifth-generation family-owned business with over 34,000 employees and a huge range of products like glass sculptures and miniatures, jewelry and rhinestones, home decor, and chandeliers. During Paris Fashion weeks, Buket visited their showrooms several times and had a chance to see their new collections. She also partnered with them in shooting of their fine jewelry pieces.