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A Guide to Different Hair Styles

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You may have decided that this is the best time for you to make a change, and you’ve been thinking about this for a while. You might be entertaining the idea for some time, but now, you know that you absolutely must try a new hairstyle.

You might have probably seen this with a family member, celebrities, or friends. However, it’s crucial not to underestimate your new style’s impact on your overall appearance. You can make some simple changes to your mane and get an unlimited opportunity to recreate your appearance.

So, will it be worth it? 

Yes. Definitely! It’s going to work great, especially if you have a style now that’s unflattering.

Remember that you can’t change things like your bone structure and height, but you can make various cuts to your hair to highlight some of your features. You can always work on something that you can control.

So, where do you start?

Know that something that works with one person may not necessarily be good for another. You might decide to go to your favorite salon with a poster of your favorite celebrity asking the staff to copy what they see in a magazine, but this is not as simple as it sounds. People can have the same pixie cut, but one can pull this off better than the other.

Steps to Finding the Best Hairstyle

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  1. Consider the type of hair you have. Curly? Wavy? Thin? More about this is discussed below.
  2. Know the shape of your face.
  3. Start putting together an effective routine for you.
  4. Get the looks that you want through an expert stylist.
  5. Be experimental with your routine and find products that will fit you.
  6. Get feedback from people not just online but someone you know in real life.

Factors to Consider: Types and Face Shapes

For those with round shapes, long hair falling can lengthen the face and add volume to the front. Oval faces are more versatile where if your cheekbones are some of your best features, bobs with tousled can help show this off nicely. 

Each of the shapes may have some features that you want to emphasize or downplay. Some of them may be large foreheads that are prominent with oblong, round, and heart shapes. The pointed chins are prevalent in faces that are more triangle, and strong jaws are standard in square shapes. In diamond, there’s the presence of solid cheekbones that are emphasized.

The other three most important factors to consider are the chin, nose, and forehead. They each represent at least a third of your overall face. Decide the worst and best facial features that you have. Determine whether you have to soften your strong chin, downplay a large nose, or highlight your eyes. 

This will be considered an extreme example, but you get the whole point. You should not expect to grow an afro overnight if you have straight or thin hair about your hair type. The texture is one of the factors that you can’t change. With this, it’s best to work on different hair products and styling methods for a different look.

Individuals with curly hair may find it a challenge if they have longer hairstyles. They may want to get a regular trim to avoid split ends that make their hair looks frizzy. They may also want to do a pineapple hair when they are sleeping so they can still retain their gorgeous curls in the morning. Check this guide on how to pineapple hair and try to experiment with different techniques that will make your defined curls more beautiful and defined. 

Some may make an argument that texture is more important than the face shape. Oblong faces with wavy and thick hair will need a different cut than those with fine hair, even if they have the same shape. The treatments and scratches are other, and a salon expert should know about them better than anyone. 

Basic Types to Know About

  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Frizzy
  • Density
  • Coarse
  • Fine

You can narrow down your search and consider these along with various factors. Knowing which one is your type will make the hair naturally look great. One example is delicate and straight hair that looks excellent with bangs. The curls will look well when you leave it to grow longer, and the extra weight will keep it down. Thinner strands may mean that you need to add plenty of volume and layers so you can avoid a dull and flat look.

The point is to embrace your facial features, the texture of the strands, and the shape of the face. Make sure to work along these factors to highlight your appearance. When you work against them, you’ll make it ten times harder. Know more about determining your face shape in this link: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a22064408/face-shape-guide/

Maintenance Can Be One of the Underrated Factors

A gorgeous and stylish hair is going to be one of your best assets. However, you may find that they take forever to style each morning, and you’re noticing that you need to wake up early to tame the curls. 

If you find it hard to stick to your daily routine, it might be the best time to make some changes. High-maintenance styles are more attractive, but they won’t stand out if you can’t be bothered to style and look after them each and every day. If it’s possible to go with something simpler, then go for it.

A haircut is one of the best steps to take if you find that the long strands are not worth hours of styling. You can style it whenever you want and go through a routine that will give them the nourishment they need when you have the time to do some basic styling after taking care of your hair with creams, shampoos, and washes. You can always go to a salon for a regular touch-up afterward. However, if you have curls that you don’t know how to maintain in the first place, it’s better to forget about them because it won’t be worth it.