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Some Women Fear the Fire – 2 Kinds of Quotes You’d Love to Wear

There are various ways public corporations and private enterprises trying to sell their ideas or products to the general populace. For instance, large-sized wallpaper adverts on buses, exteriors platforms, handbills, and TV commercials are just a few of the many methods employed.

For these people, getting the message across to their target audience is all that matters. Another effective way of advertising that some of us are not still conscious of is the use of T-shirts and cloths at large.

For instance, soccer teams all across Europe and several other continents have sponsors displayed on the front, back, or sides of their jerseys. Arsenal F.C has “Fly Emirates” and “Visit Rwanda” on the front and sides respectively, Manchester City F.C has “Etihad Airways” and “Nexen Tire” on the front and sides respectively, and so many others.

The point is that these companies have realized how having their brand logo or a name inscribed on the T-shirt of well-loved sports clubs is good for business. But more than for financial returns and growing a business empire, inscriptions on T-shirts have been used to pass on a message and stress opinions.

Sometimes, this is done by popular and respected figures in society. For instance, many sports persons have lent their voice against racial inequality using this medium.

Sportspersons like LeBron James and a host of others wore T-shirts for warm-ups with the inscription “I Can’t Breath”. For more information about this, you can check here.

In the same vein, you might be interested in wearing T-shirts that have inscriptions motivating or inspiring you to do certain things. It can also be a means to explain your beliefs to everyone that gets a chance to see you.

We will share 2 kinds of quotes you might love to wear for different reasons in this article. We suggest that you keep reading if you are a firm believer in the positive change your dressing can cause.

Some of the Quotes You Might Love to Wear

Listed and explained below are some of the quotes you might love to wear on your T-shirt or any other type of apparel that allows it:

Environmentalist Support Quotes

You do not have to make a hefty donation to an environmentalist support group to make your mark. You can do your bit and encourage others to do so by exposing your circle of influence to the right quotes. For instance, options like:

  • Please save our planet, your actions matter
  • God blesses the earth, you save the earth
  • Stopping the emission of greenhouse gas starts from you, do your part
  • Recyclable offers more

There are just so many of these environmentalist quotes for T-shirts ; so if the fate of the planet means anything to you, start ordering.

Self Motivating Quotes

There has been so much talk about how our dressing determines how we will be addressed. This is very true. However, there is more to it. You might also like to know that what you wear determines how you will feel.

If you dress positively, you will feel that way sooner or later. So, you should not hesitate to seize every opportunity to do this. Some of the amazing options you might want to have on your clothing  include the following:

  • Don’t quit, quitters are the real losers
  • Forget the noise, focus on the voice
  • It isn’t breaking you, it’s making you
  • I’m a miracle going somewhere to happen
  • Hey look, I’m better than yesterday
  • Enough dreaming, start living

Looking at these quotes and wearing them often has a remarkable effect. The good news is that the effects are positive.

Some Basic Tips on Wearing Quotes

Don’t quit, quitters are the real losers1.jpg

Here are quick ones on wearing quotes:

Try to Avoid Lengthy Quotes

You should try as much as possible to avoid wearing lengthy quotes. Go for something apt but revealing. For instance, the quote “Don’t quit, do it” is very apt but revealing.

Go for Creativity

It is not just about wearing the right words. It also has to be displayed with a great sense of creativity. So, you should make sure of this. For instance, the color(s) used should be appealing, and the font size and type clear and attractive.

High Resolution

Make sure the quote is not blurred. Something with a high-resolution print will draw attention and look good. This is why you should be particular about getting the cloth from the right source. You can visit: for more on this subject.

On a Final Note

The practice of wearing clothing (especially T-shirts) with quotes is not something new. However, you need to make the most of it. This is why we have discussed two ways these quotes can be very helpful.