A Ruby is one of the beautiful gemstones used in the world as well as very expensive. The most elegant naturally occurring stone rare than a diamond. It is really very charming because of its vibrant red color, which also makes it a sign of love and charm. It can be the best gift at one’s wedding or on valentine’s day. When it comes to buying a ruby, you should be very careful as it is very expensive and you surely do not want to waste your money. By keeping the following points in your mind, you can become an expert in buying a ruby.

Always Buy From a Store Having Good Repute

It would be really great if you buy a ruby from a reputable store. Because there will be fewer chances for you to get scammed. Because the jewelry store will not want to lose its customers by getting involved in the issue that damages their reputation.

Check Your RUBY In Different lights. 

Rubies show different behavior with different lights. It changes its appearance under different lights. For example, it becomes red than normal under household lights and looks 

purple under tube lights.

Always Go For vibrant color.  

It is really important because the vibrant color tells either the ruby is original or not. Rubies are natural gemstones. The ruby color must not too dark they range between purple and pink, but the overall color would be red that looks charming and attractive.


Read the Ruby buying guide before buying the ruby from any online store. By their help you to know which quality of the ruby they are providing you. You should get a knowledge of ruby stone before buying it. They must provide you a guaranty in case of size issues, chain length, and ruby quality.