Axel imagines Jack Magnan, a brand of headwear combining innovation, ethics and responsibility in tribute to his grandfather | Girls Mag

Axel imagines Jack Magnan, a brand of headwear combining innovation, ethics and responsibility in tribute to his grandfather

An initiative initiated in homage to his grandfather

A graduate of the Grande Ecole Program a few weeks ago, Axel is one of the hundreds of students and graduates supported by the Montpellier Business School incubator. “The story begins in 2015 long before I came to MBS. I was still a student in Marseille and I decided to create products in my grandfather: Jacques Magnan. In his day, he liked to wear durable and stylish clothes, always with his headgear on for any occasion. He often told me to be unique in order to stand out and it was ultimately around him and his memory that I built my streetwear brand: Jack Magnan ( and his slogan: To be unique. Innovation first. » Explains Axel. 

Axel joins the school incubator

Axel joined the Grande Ecole Program following the FIA2 competition in 2018. He thus completed his entire work-study program, as a sales representative, and like all students and graduates, he then has access to the resources of the ‘incubator.

“The first product on the market was a beanie that I was able to test with those around me. When I joined the incubator, I was assigned two coaches. The first helped me structure my posture, my pitch and my business model, and here I was able to professionalize my interventions with suppliers or investors. “

“The second coach that the incubator allowed me to meet was an expert in the fashion industry. He helped me perfect my storytelling as well as optimize my packaging and my choice of suppliers. “Testifies the young entrepreneur.

Now a graduate, Axel has come a long way and so has his company! “We now have a full range of caps, beanies and bobs, each piece of which is produced in a maximum of 100 copies. The goal is to make the products unique. Athletes, models, as well as the actors of a Netflix series have agreed to adopt our headgear and thanks to this influence strategy, the company has grown, I can now devote myself 100% and we were able to bring together a community of 28,000 people on social networks ”explains Axel.

The ambition to found an ethical and responsible company

Axel’s company and MBS share the same value: that of responsibility. “With Jack Magnan, the objective is that our carbon impact is offset by an environmental investment, in this case, with each of our orders, we donate part of our margin to Ecotree, a start-up specializing in planting and tree maintenance to meet our CO2 production. In addition, we have adapted the components in order to ban plastic from the production chain and carry out waste pick-ups on the beaches in collaboration with the association 1 waste per day. This concrete ecological commitment is all the more necessary as we operate in a sector which must catch up on its ecological backwardness. »Concludes Axel.

To follow the adventures of Axel and his company Jack Magnan, incubated at Montpellier Business School, go to instagram ( or to its website (

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