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How do I care for my coloured hair?

When you have already visited your favorite hair salon, and the sophisticated color effect on your head, which we wanted to achieve, in the next steps the hair is only in your hands. How to care for bleached or colored hair, sublime results? Which products do you recommend? Check it out.

Changing the color of your hair is the first step. Which ones? Washing #1, conditioning #2 and styling #3 colored hair. We usually leave the salon with beautifully groomed, smooth, intensely shiny hair. In a word: perfect. How to keep this effect for as long as possible?

The first few washes already show that in order to maintain vitality and salon-worthy results, it’s best to get the same hair care products for coloured hair as those used by hairdressers. At home, polished hair at the salon loses its vitality, smoothness, shine and fades over time. How to remedy this?

The right treatment

Washing hair seems to be an uncomplicated task. Wet your hair, apply shampoo to your hands. Rinse, lather and repeat. However, coloured hair requires special treatment and special products. Often even the most modern technology is used! So that you can take special care of your coloured hair.

Sulfate-free shampoo, or what kind of shampoo?

What is the difference between a sulfate-free shampoo and regular shampoos? It is a product for professional hair care. Carefully formulated by experts, the sulphur-free formula allows for gentle care especially for very sensitive scalps. Both hair and scalp are exposed to strong chemicals after colouring. And particularly sensitive skin can react with irritation.

The purpose of a sulphate-free shampoo is to gently and effectively cleanse the scalp and hair, to neutralize chemical residues and to stabilize the hair structure. This type of shampoo lathers less than others. This is not its task. When washing color-treated hair, it is good to avoid products with proteins. Unfortunately, they cause the pigment to migrate from the depths of the hair to the outside, which will cause the dye to rinse out much faster during the wash.

Technology and nature to help coloured hair

To strengthen damaged and weakened hair during daily care, it is good to reach for the sulfate-free Indola Repair Shampoo. It closes the hair cuticles and prevents tangling. It replenishes the hair structure, which gives better nourishment results. In addition, the cosmetic perfectly smooths the hair and reduces breakage – up to 95%.

Masks, conditioners, sprays, oils. There are many products for the care and 

regeneration of color-treated hair. What are the differences and how to use them? In order to enjoy a beautiful colouring result and shiny, great looking coloured hair, hair needs to be regularly protected, nourished and moisturised. Knowing your hair type makes it easier to choose the right product without overloading your hair. For thick hair a hair mask is best, while for fine hair a spray product may overload it.

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