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Inside The World Of Composer, Arranger And Musician Yael Benamour

Gaby Mour is a person everyone would love to have as a friend. She’s French, she’s interesting and she grew up in the south of France, all of which are great reasons to want to be friends with anyone. However, she is also a musician. And a composer. And an arranger. And a songwriter. And a music producer. And a singer, all of which adds a few extra dimensions to her just being “interesting.” All of those skills and talents add layers upon layers of uniqueness and they demonstrate high intelligence combined with tens of thousands of hours of study and discipline in a life dedicated to only one thing: music. Gaby’s main focus is composing scores for motion pictures but she also creates original music for commercials, TV shows and documentaries. If she were a guest at your party, she might be one of the most interesting people there, don’t you think?

She is quite an artist and she has collaborated with many French, American and international music artists as a composer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Her talents and energy are endless and her achievements are plentiful. Each new project that is set before her is a gift in her mind. She doesn’t see them as obstacles but instead, she greets them as invitations to better herself and learn more about her chosen field. Since she has been a professional for over 30 years, it is safe to say that Gaby has learned quite a bit about the music industry, how it works and how to produce and compose beautiful music. Her music, by the way, can be heard at:

Each sample piece is geared to a different emotion, a different mood and a different need. If you love movies then you can understand how important the accompanying music score is to the story. One piece can heighten the emotional intensity, while another might be the theme music that introduces the villain or the heroine in each scene. Gaby’s music is just like that: she can capture a mood or an emotion or tell a story within each piece of music she composes. She is the brilliant music maker – literally, the maker of music, from the concept, to the writing of the initial notes, all the way to the actual manifestation of the combined orchestral or electronic sounds. She is a music magician. A very interesting one.