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3 Big Reasons For Hardwood Flooring

The floor at home is one of the most overlooked fixture when homeowners are planning for interiors.
The focus is often on the cozy couch, the seductive bed, the lovely kitchen island, and even the coffee machine.
Bit the floor is actually the single fixture that residents have actual contact with almost all of the time.
It is in view whether we are in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even the storeroom.
So it goes without saying that the choice of flooring deserves more attention that people usually give it.
One of the more popular types of flooring is hardwood. And if you are in a position to choose it, maybe due to remodeling, here are some big reasons why hardwood should be near the top of your personal shortlist.
Visual aesthetics
You only need to enter a showroom with beautiful hardwood flooring to instantly and instinctively appreciate the visual treat for your eyes.
It’s not common to find people who don’t find it pleasing.
While some might find hardwood gives a classic and vintage look, it is unquestionably versatile in that it blends in nicely with almost all types of modern home design. It also fits nicely as a dark floor in a feng shui setup.
In many cases, it actually enhances the look that the homeowner is going after.
Feel natural
Considering that your feet would be in contact with the floor most of the time at home, the sense of touch is often neglected by new homeowners.
Concrete just feels bare and ceramic floor feels artificial.
Hardwood just feels so natural. It’s not as hard as stone, and not soft like sponge. It’s not cold to the touch and don’t feel artificially smooth. They are very durable and easy to maintain.
Unless you have a personal repulsion against hardwood, it hard not to fall in love with it.
Home value
Statistics have shown that properties with hardwood flooring tend to sell at a better price than houses with other types of flooring.
This is probably due in part to other homeowners finding that hardwood flooring adds value to a home as well.
So even if you find it costly to install hardwood flooring in your house, consider that you’d get it back when you resell the house.