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When a fashion designer builds a house

Since joining this fashion designing industry in 2005, I have been a persistent preacher of the difficulties a fashion designer has to face. Customer satisfaction is the main target, and trust me, you can’t make someone happy easily. So I had the opinion that there isn’t anything more complicated than being a fashion designer. But my opinion changed a few months back after I had to supervise the construction of my house.

Building a house is not an easy task to do. You have to take care of a number of things, from building design/map to building material, hiring a construction company to the installation of electricity, gas, and water supplies. Even though I was doing nothing, only supervising the process. Keeping an eye, whether everything is going according to the plan and map. Yet it was far more complicated then my profession of fashion designing.

But I have learned a lot from this experience. Quality of work and building materials matters so much. The house I am currently residing in was bought by my father. It was built by some contractor and I can’t describe to you how bad it’s built. We have to experience 20+ repair works in the last 10 years. So you can imagine how much crucial quality of building material can be. And 2 short circuits were the deadliest thing we faced. The contractor not only used low quality material but also used low-quality wiring. Our TV lounge was totally burnt due to a short circuit last year.

So that was the main cause behind my duty of supervision of the new house construction. So that I can keep an eye on the quality of work. And I was also involved in the purchase of building material this time. Particularly I gave special attention to the purchase of household wire. I wasn’t ready to take any kind of short circuit risks this time. So I took the opinion of a few friends before purchasing the wires and cables.

It took around 3 months, I was on leave from my fashion designing job and of course from writing for this blog. But the final outcome was mind-blowing. I have used all my fashion designing ideas in the final furnishing of the house. Even though building a house is a tough task but once you go through the process, you will be delighted with your effort. And my final advice from this experience. Never ever try saving money by using low-quality building material or wiring.