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Choosing the best household electric wire for my house!

First of all sorry for not communicating much with my readers here in last couple of month. Even though my team stayed active but I wasn’t. You must be guessing it’s due to pandemic but it’s not correct. I was busy in remodeling and refurnishing my house. Definitely COVID-19 played a strong part here as I only went for house remodeling due to staying at home because of Corona factor. So coming back to the topic. It was one of the most hectic experience of my life.

After all that fuss I am reached at a point where I am of the view “building a new home is much easier then remodeling and refurnishing it”. But first of all let me tell you what was the main reason behind spending my off days in this household activity. Short circuit!! Yes a few months back I have lost a number of electric appliances due to electric short circuit in my house. Even though my house was insured yet I lost thousands of bucks in that tragedy.

After all the inquiries but insurance people, I was told it was the low quality non copper wire that was the reason behind this incident. Since then I was searching for some high quality household electrical wire to change all the wiring of my house. After a 2 weeks lengthy search and consulting my friends and experts I got a couple of recommendations and the best one I got was Jianye CABLE COMPANY. From industrial to household they are manufacturing all kinds of electric cables. The best thing I came to know about them is they are not compromising on quality. There cables are heat resistant, fireproof and preservative.

I went for PVC Insulated Electrical Cable Copper Conductor Household Wire. Even though it took around 10+ days to reach after ordering yet the wait was worth it. I am not an expert in cables but the contractor who was responsible for my household wiring was so much impressed. He said they are using high quality material and genuine copper. Short circuit or fire chances will be minimum to zero.

That’s what made me write this post for my readers. As whenever I come across something useful I always share it with my readers here. Now my house remodeling work is over and I am loving the new look and new wiring of course. And I would stay in touch with my readers from now on.