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What Do Dermatologists Say About Skincare

Each person has varying levels of issues with their skin, with no one person capable of using the same care regimen as the next. Your chemistry has a basis in genetics. In saying that, it would make sense to look to professionals for advice concerning a routine for keeping it healthy. When referring to ‘professionals,’ we’re going scientific, straight to the skin doctors or ‘dermatologists’ to see what they advise.

A dermatologist is a board-certified expert in the field of hair, nails, and, of course, skin, responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of multitudes of conditions and diseases relating to the skin inclusive of cancer, eczema, psoriasis, and so many more. A question that seems to pop up when fielding questions about the health and care of this organ involves what type of regimen an expert would engage?


Do Dermatologists Have Specialized Skincare Regimens 

Rather than try to go it alone when creating a self-nurturing routine, many people are finding it helpful to go to someone who knows everything there is to know on the subject. Skin care is part pf self care says a report at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/skin-care-is-self-care_n_5a86e975e4b00bc49f4341dc .

Dermatologists can assess your type of skin and provide advice. This expert is full of handy tips and tricks suited for maintaining the healthiest radiant glow, some of which they most likely implement themselves. But have they shared any secrets? Check these out.

TIP:  Make sure the products you select are formulated for your type of skin.


It is vital to learn your type before you can even begin to develop any kind of routine or select products that are suited for you. There is a method to use in identifying which type you have:

  • For Sensitivities: If you apply a product and experience burning or stinging, you are sensitive.
  • For Normal Balance: There will be an even clear tone with no type of sensitivity to products.
  • For Dryer Sensations: You’ll have itchy, flaky, rough patches on the surface.
  • For Overall Oiliness: Your appearance will be greasy and shiny.
  • A Combination: These will have patches that appear dry and flaky while others are oily and greasy.

When engaging in self-care, you would first create an outline as to how you will care for your face and body on an everyday basis and move on from that point to which type of products will fit your view for that guideline. Whether you choose all-natural, organic products that deem safe, harmless for the skin such as LXMI, or other varieties, you need to ensure that you further narrow these down into your specific type for overall wellness and health.

TIP:  Make sure your plan is simple, so you want to follow it.


Less is most definitely always more particularly when it comes to dealing with skincare. Regardless of what type you may have, overusing a plethora of different products is going to irritate anyone’s face. It would help if you concentrated on the simple few, including sunscreen, a moisturizer, and a gentle cleanser. Establishing a morning and nighttime ritual that you will continue is important.

TIP:  In mentioning sunscreen, this should be a daily product.


This is among the single most important aspects of self-care and the essential product in which to invest. It protects against the incredibly harmful UV rays, creating burns, cancer, premature wrinkling, and aging along with age spots. The recommendation is to use a water-resistant, broad-spectrum with a greater than 30 SPF in every exposed area with reapplication if excessively sweating after swimming or if two hours have passed. Follow for myth surrounding beauty regimens.

TIP: Tanning beds are not safe for your skin.


Harmful UV radiations are emitting from tanning beds that straightforward result in cancer. The claim is that merely one indoor session has the potential to increase the risk for melanoma by as much as 20%, basal cell carcinoma 29%, squamous cell carcinoma 67%. Is this truly worth the cosmetic satisfaction that you receive from it? If you have a desire for an amber glow to your skin, buy self-tan products. These look natural when appropriately applied without the risk of deadly diseases.

Final Word

You don’t get a second coat of skin. This is your one and only. If you abuse it in youth, it’s tough to reduce the damages. Ensure that you develop an appropriate outline for the best self-care possible even if you need expert help in doing so. Buy the products that will contribute to the betterment of your skin type. You want to be the next sixty-year-old mistaken for thirty.