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Delicate or Fragile Objects… How Do You Pack Them?

Nowadays it is not surprising that when a move is carried out, whether it is done by the company itself or by a removal service, it can have some failures or problems when loading delicate or so-called fragile objects, where commonly glass, porcelain, and even technological products can be damaged to such an extent that they lose their physical integrity, to such an extent that they are totally or partially damaged. Gaylord Boxes in California offers some thick cardboard/Gaylord box at an affordable price which may be really helpful for you.

This is a problem that has led some removal company owners to lose their heads on some occasions, as they do not have sufficient resources and just want all their products to reach their destination in optimum condition.


The best way to pack delicate objects without damaging them

For this reason, when dealing with delicate or fragile objects, we must take into account a series of techniques for storing objects, to ensure that they are not damaged by poor removal logistics and that they reach their destination in the best way possible.

It is necessary to know and understand that there are different reasons why an item may break during a move, and that is that human labor always has a percentage of error, and that a fall, trip, or miscalculation, may make the difference in the provision of a service in the case of a move, That is why, in some cases, items that are broken in the middle of a move, some companies depending on the quality and sales policies, these are responsible for the products that may break after the service is provided, somehow ensuring the tranquility of customers.

When packing and preparing a box containing fragile items, the following tips should be taken into consideration so that delicate objects can be packed during a move


Choosing a good box can make the difference

There is a variety of boxes in which we can transport our objects, such as double wall or multilayer boxes that have a firmer integrity, and this can withstand any blow or scratch without the internal product suffering.


Polystyrene can save your object

Cushioning the goods in a box can be vital so that the box is not damaged in any way, and as it is such an inexpensive material, it is placed inside the box, so that the object does not come into contact with the walls of the box and cannot run any kind of risk when there is a mishap with the goods.


Wrap the delicate objects in newspaper or bubble wrap

An object outdoors can pose a risk, which is why wrapping it completely in newspaper can limit the possibility that it may have a problem, as can bubble wrap, which has air bubbles and makes the merchandise safer to transport and it may not have any problems when moving.


Place everything inside the box, keeping to the steps laid out

We would have in total 3 steps so that the object does not run any risk, a good box that has a strong physical integrity, fill it with polystyrene so that the goods do not have contact with the box, and wrap it with newspaper or bubble wrap to complement the integrity of the same and not suffer any problem the goods, these being the main steps, you should take into account the following


Fill in the empty parts of the box

When assembling the box, some empty spaces may remain at the edges of the corner. Filling them with corrugated paper, foam, or hard pieces of polystyrene, may provide efficiency in the assembly of the box.


Do not wrap two objects in the same package

Depending on the size of the box, and the object, two objects that rub together should not be packed at the same time, if the box is large, and the object is small, they should be wrapped separately and distributed around the box separately, as, if they are packed together, they may break during the move.


The boxes and products must have a meaning

Respecting the direction of the products, by means of a sticker that ensures the vertical position of the box, can ensure the position that it must have when it is transported and can avoid any risk or breakage when it is placed in another direction at the time of the move.


Use a sticker or plastic tape that says “fragile”

When moving home, it can be difficult for a worker or a pot-holder to know which box is fragile and has products that can break easily, which is why keeping these boxes identified can make the difference when it comes to moving home, as a good recognition when loading the boxes can mean a more personalized treatment when loading the box and leaving it on the truck.


Use good quality plastic tape to seal the box

The quality of plastic tapes can vary depending on the parent company that produces them, knowing exactly which brand is ideal for making box packaging is difficult, but not impossible to know that you should buy a good brand that recommends a hardware store or company that offers these products to seal the box so that it can not be opened with any ease.

Preparing for a move is not an easy task, maintaining all the fragile products can be a very difficult task and controlling the shipping and handling of these, you can depend on the company offering these services to do a good job and ensure all your products arrive in the best condition, or do it yourself, and the move will not go so well. Regardless of what may happen, you should know that the packaging of any type of product, specifically if it is fragile, must be well done, so that it can withstand a blow, however hard it may be, to eliminate the risk of losing the piece, as the product may have a cost that can vary both in value, as well as the sentimental value it may have.

That is why Multibodegas has mini-warehouses where storage services are offered to keep those products that have a high value, where calmly and after the move can be removed, being this a fort where mini-warehouses from 1.5 mts2 to 30 mts2 can be rented for a while and can be in that space for a low price and with the best security.


It is also important to emphasize that Multibodegas also offers multi-warehouse services where transportation and moving services are offered along with the best product handling services, where exceptional service is assured under a highly qualified team that strives to meet the expectations of consumers, and making solutions that help the customer, reduce costs and delivery times for the moves being this the fort of Multibodegas.

When moving and being under the influence of many delicate objects that may be the case of many people, having services in your area may be the solution for many homes that are thinking of making a change.

There are many services that offer this kind of assistance, which should be taken into account when carrying out a removal, that it contains very fragile items, keeping them well packed and complying with safety standards so that they retain their physical integrity, is of the utmost importance, which is why they must be complied with to the letter, for any type of item, from glasses, crockery, to electronic items, TVs, white goods, among others, depending on the size can be a little more difficult in the case of packaging as may be the example of a refrigerator, but this can be lined in some way with cardboard and plastic tape, on all sides, so that when lying down or transported, this does not suffer scratches or any kind of shock that may damage the physical integrity of it.

By taking into account all the tips on how to pack delicate objects, it can help us in a precise way, our behavior when having a move in our plans, and that all our products can reach our destination without any problem without having to leave them, or send them in a private vehicle, everything can travel in a truck with the proper protection, and the proper driving so that everything can reach its destination without any problem.