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Your Oral Health Is More Important Than You Think

Let us jog our memories to when we were in primary school. The chapter on the Human Digestive System would inform you that our mouth is the site where the process of digestion begins. Our saliva moistens the food we intake and helps our teeth to break them down into small pieces, all ready to be swallowed. The food then travels all the ways through our oesophagus, reaches our intestines with several enzymes working their ways in between until finally, the process of digestion is rendered complete. Any glitch in any part of the digestive tract can lead to severe health troubles and make an individual sick for several days. Therefore, it is important that we take care of our body, not just externally but also look after all the parts that play a crucial role in keeping us alive. Speaking of which, here is what we often fail to realise. In a bid to pay attention to all our body parts, we often fail to understand the importance of our oral health. Now that we have re-established that our mouth is the place where digestion begins, it is essential to acknowledge the role that our mouth has to play in our lives and adopt means to keep it healthy and in the best condition.

Your Mouth Is the Window to Your Health:

Your mouth is more important than you think. It might give out information and hints about your overall health that you might not otherwise receive from the other parts of your body. A potential stomach upset might be hinted at by foul mouth odour or a distinguishable white layer on the surface of your tongue. More serious maladies like cancer might also drop hints by way of your mouth. Therefore, the more conscious you are about your oral health, the better it is for your overall health. Any abnormality that you spot in your oral health must not be taken casually because it is often this ignorance that leads to a major health breakdown. Your oral care must not only involve you visiting a professional orthodontist and getting those whites set. It must also include you being aware of how to treat your mouth well and spot the signs of danger while there is still time.

Tooth Decay Leads To Several Health Impairments:

You might not want to bestow much value to tooth decay and might want to associate this phenomenon only with kids given their penchant for mawkish treats. But rest assured that this is something that can happen to people across every age group. Therefore, it is vital that you pay attention to it on the first signs of tooth decay. Tooth decay can lead to not just bad breath and a misalignment of teeth, but it could also serve as a gateway to several other health impairments. It is thus, important to take up all the proper means to prevent your set of pearls from decay.

Gum Inflammation and Alzheimer’s Might Be Related:

A recent study proves that the condition of your gums might be directly related to the condition of your brain. To be more precise, gum inflammation might be a symptom or a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that a bacterium known as P. Gingivalis was found in the brain samples of patients with Alzheimer’s, but not in the ones with a healthy brain. Interestingly, this bacterium is also found in cases of gum inflammation.


Our mouths are an important and integral part of our body, and we must take care of its condition the way we do for every other body part. We might just be able to spot and fight several diseases by taking care of our oral health and by detecting the signs on time.