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The Best Massage Therapy Guns, Chairs and Treatments

Massages are often passed off as an activity of the elites; only if the people were well aware of the health benefits. A routine massage therapy can reduce back pain, anxiety, stress levels and quality of sleep. Due to the advent of the internet and an upsurge of information, many people are considering massage as a health trend. However, one must acknowledge the benefits that accompany massages and thus, indulge in a massage and spa day to beat stress and pamper the self.


TimTam All New Power Massager:

Going to a massage treatment centre can’t always be convenient. Given busy schedules and financial obligations, massage guns offer a home massage without going anywhere. TimTam Gun is considered one of the best and so intense that it takes two hands to balance. It wouldn’t be a lie when some people call it a power drill. Both of the power settings reach the extreme layers of the skin and deliver on the expectation of those looking for percussion.

Theragun G3Pro:

The easy to hold gun comes with attachable accessories and two batteries. It’s adjustable which supports different positions. Theragun App covers back, feet, glutes, neck and hands with an image-based description of how you should use the gun and where. Its various attachments enable you to enhance the experience to the fullest.

Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair:

The Kahuna Sm-900 offers a quiet and relaxing experience. The mechanism of the chair doesn’t skip a muscle because of its 3D mechanism. It’s equipped with 6 infrared rollers and 30 airbags to provide an unforgettable experience. The chairs offer 8 types of massages by default and immerse the muscles entirely in the chair, also allowing you to create your own program. The speed is controlled by the remote.

Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair:

A reasonably priced chair brings forth various features. Having L-style frame and three levels of zero gravity positions, it evenly distributes your weight with the help of rollers and airbags for an improved massage experience. It raises your feet as high as your heart, therefore, reducing the strain gravity puts on your vertebrae. It comes with 4 massage programs as well as new programs can be created.

Myofascial Release:

It is widely used to treat Myofascial Pain Syndrome that causes pain and stiffness in the tissues. The stiffness and tightness of the myofascial tissues can be released by concentrating on the specific points through which the pain originates, also known as trigger points. The therapist may look for the stiffness of the skin by gently massaging over it. The process is repeated several times on various points until the rigidness is over.

Swedish Massage:

One of the popular massages in United states involves the use of hands, forearm and elbows to massage the topmost layer of the skin to enhance mental as well as physical health. For various reasons, it’s considered helpful as it helps in blood circulation, mental stress, relaxation and muscle tension. Developed by a Swedish fencing instructor in 1830, it was brought to the US in 1850. The techniques include tapping on the skin, and long strokes, as well as joint movements, can also be used.



A regular massage helps to flush out the toxins from the body, increases joint space, improves blood circulation and helps in countering the mental stress. It’s also been found helpful in cases of arthritis and asthma. However, certain people may need assistance or guidance from medical experts in order to help them find the appropriate massage, but one can always use a good massage to help them get through a busy day’s schedule.