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Five Formal Wear Style Tips For Men

Striking a balance between formal and stylish has always been a pain point for most men. Most men often end up looking either too formal or too elegant to go to work. It doesn’t help that most fashion content is usually geared towards women.

However, style icons like David Beckham have proven countless times that it is indeed possible for a man to rock formal wear and still look stylish. With the right selection of dickies clothing and the tips listed below, you too can become the David Beckham of your workplace.


  • Stick to the Right Size


Baggy clothes make you look unstylish, sad, and old. The first step to looking stylish is to ditch everything in your wardrobe that’s oversized and get a better fit from dickies clothing

. A proper fit flatters your body shape and makes you look more confident, especially if you are a little on the bigger side.


  • Get a Few Blazers or Sport Coats


Suits are great, but wearing them every day becomes monotonous. Furthermore, being stylish means being versatile. On that note, you’d be glad to know that blazers and sport coats are acceptable as formal wear. Not only are they unique, but they also tend to give a man’s body a tapered proportionate shape regardless of size. If you’re looking to break the monotony of suits on workdays, stock your wardrobe with a few blazers or sport coats.


  • Be Daring With Shoe Colors


We know this is tough, but you want to be stylish, don’t you? If yes, then you have to be a little daring with your shoe colors. A majority of men will have about ten pairs of formal shoes, but they would be mostly in either black or brown. Sure, those look good and pair up with any color combination — but as someone looking to stand out fashionably, you have to be a little daring. For instance, get yourself a pair of red suede shoes to rock with your black and grey suits. But if you feel if the red available is a little too red for you, try out navy blue or grey leather shoes with a neutral-colored suit.


  • Get Yourself a Navy Suit


Similar to shoes, most men often play it safe by sticking to black and grey when it comes to suits. If you want to look stylish and stand out, you have to step out of this comfort zone and get yourself a nice navy blue suit. Not only will a fitting navy blue suit make you look dashing, but it is also appropriate for any formal occasion. Plus, being a neutral color, a navy blue suit pairs up nicely with almost any tie and shirt color and pattern combinations.


  • Let Gym Shoes be For the Gym!


It’s not uncommon to see a man wearing a very nice and fitting suit and pairing it up with gym shoes. Some will even go to the extent of defending their choice by saying that the gym shoes are black, and that is why they chose them. But the fact remains that you wore gym shoes with a suit to the office! Not only have you mismatched, but you also look out of place. So, if looking stylish is one of your goals, let gym shoes remain gym shoes.

Let’s face it — a good personality is great, but appearances matter. In fact, a great personality is just a bonus in real life. Therefore, if you want to make people notice you more and take their time to know your pleasing personality, then you’ve got to look good. Stock up on a great selection of dickies clothing using the tips above, and feel grateful for this article later.