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Perfect Accessories to Complement Your Cute Boutique Tops

Are you thinking of ways to spice up your daily wear? Pairing your cute tops with accessories would take your outfit to a whole new level of trendiness. They are finishing touches that can make you look even more dashing.

Aside from accentuating your look, accessorizing is a way to express your uniqueness. Though people often consider them as add-ons, they are the ones that can make you stand out. With all the accessories out there, how do you choose the one that will look good with your cute boutique tops?


Berets go very well with turtleneck tops. They will add a more feminine touch than the typical brimmed hats and fedoras. Black berets and those with neutral colors can also give you that elegant French look that will elevate your appearance.


The necklace that you will wear need not be studded all the time. If you are wearing simple tops, then go for eye-catching accessories. However, for brightly-colored clothes, a simple necklace is already adequate to highlight your look. For a V-neck top, a long metal necklace that can reach down to your bust area can make you look taller and leaner. A pendant necklace will also look well with V-neck. As a tip, the wider your V-neck is, the bigger the pendant should be. It is also ideal if your pendant has a triangular shape. It is to create a balanced proportion between your neck and the accessory you are wearing.

On the other hand, short minimalist necklaces suit better with boatneck shirts. If you are wearing off the shoulder tops or a strapless tube, putting on chockers can accentuate your collarbone and neck, giving you a more appealing look.


When pairing this accessory, it is best if you partner it with cute boutique tops which are unicolor. Scarves can easily add flair to your casual office wear. They can also give your T-shirt a more elevated look. As a word of caution, refrain from wearing a chunky design since it can look a bit over the top. Also, make sure that you tie it in a simple style that does not overpower what you are already wearing.


Wearing a belt is not just for practicality; it can also be a fashion statement. Adding this accessory to your outfit can accentuate your waist and transform your cute boutique top to a dashing outfit. The rule of thumb when wearing a belt is to make sure that the metal holding it together would fit in the middle hole. If the tail is too short, your belt will look stubby. On the other hand, if the tail is too long, the belt would look unflattering.


If you want to take your clothing up a notch, then wearing gloves is an elegant way to do it. Gloves are a perfect complement if you are wearing a leather jacket. If you are going to a formal event, your gloves should go past your elbow.

As a rule, the color of your gloves should be different from the color of your top. At the same time, it should be in the same shade as your other accessories and make-up. It should fit snugly and not look constricting. Additionally, it should cover the tip of your fingers and not leave extra room.

Dressing up with accessories is a perfect way to add color and style to your getup. Even if your accessories are not expensive, as long as they complement your cute boutique tops, they can make a massive difference to how you present yourself to others.