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Five Things to Look Out for When Buying Button-Down Shirts for Men

Most men have several button-down shirts to complement their t-shirts and vests. Unlike sweaters, button shorts are just as ubiquitous as t-shirts for wearing in casual places. However, they are even more universal since they can pass as an official outfit when tucked in. Button-down shirts are an absolute necessity for every man.

That said, like any other piece of clothing, you will never be satisfied with the shirts you buy unless they make you feel comfortable. Well, the guide below is written just for that:

Get a few plaid Shirts

Most men prefer to buy a blue or white button-down shirt for their general classic look. You do not have to limit yourself this much. Get a few plaid shirts, and they might grow on you before you know it. Plaid shirts are not as common as they once used to be. This makes them perfect for men who are not afraid of standing out.

When it comes to wearing them, you will quickly realize that they are just as versatile. You can roll the sleeves up to the elbow and rock them with a pair of jeans in the evening or incorporate them into one of your work suits. You have a bunch of options with plaid shirts.

Will you tuck in?

You need to know what you plan to do with your button-down shirts in terms of tucking or hanging. Make sure that the shirt you buy fits your needs perfectly before you part with the cash. If you like to tuck your shirts, go for longer ones with a shirttail hem. If you are on the other side of the spectrum, look for a short shirt, one that extends up to the center of your pants’ pockets.

How Sturdy is the Collar?

You want to know whether the collar will be comfortable before paying for the shirt. Simply check for a stretch, and you will have answered this question. If the stretch appears to be part of the collar, there is no need to worry about being choked every time you wear ties with men’s button-down shirts.If not, you may want to keep looking.

Is it an Easy-Care Shirt?

You may have noticed that some shirts are marked as easy-care. You probably wondered what it means. This simply implies that they have been specially treated to resist getting wrinkles. What you need to know is that easy-care is not permanent. Some shirts that are marked as easy-care may still get wrinkled with time, usually after several washes. Look for men’s button down shirts that are marked with a 30-wash guarantee.

Check the Fabric

If you have had men’s button-down shirts for a long time, you know that breathability is very important, especially when humidity levels rise. The breathability of a casual button-down shirt is easy to determine because you only need to check the fabric. Generally, shirts made from 100% cotton will be very comfortable under most humidity levels.

Button-down shirts are some of the most versatile clothes that every man needs. However, it is easy to go wrong when buying if you are not careful. By following the tips discussed above, you will be sure to get what fits your needs. Remember, since button-down shirts generally tend to highlight masculinity, choose something that complements your personality and preferences.