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Spring Green: Natural Looking Colored Contacts Lenses

Recently, the use of contact lenses becomes a fast-growing trend, especially among ladies. Thus, a person may choose to wear contact lenses for different reasons. Apart from those who use it for corrective function, many other people adopt lenses for aesthetic reasons. Hence, the colored lenses have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to change the individual’s appearance; whether for a disguise or everyday life fashion, they offer many possibilities.

However, there are many colored lenses available with or without correction: colored contact lenses with correction changes the color of your eye to correct myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, while other colored contact lenses without correction are meant to change the color of your eye without making visual corrections. Most of these colored lenses you can find today are designed to mimic the natural look of the colored part of your eye, the iris.

It is very easy to find lenses that accentuate the colors of blue, green or brown eyes. There are also more delirious lens colors like white, red or black that are mostly used for special purposes. Therefore, using a colored contact lens to enhance your appearance in a natural way requires choosing a color that will make you look stylish and make your gaze remain the center of attention, with more natural colored contact lenses like the green contacts. That is why we decided to review one of the most natural and stunning green colored contacts in the market, Spring Green Lenses.

Why You Should Choose Spring Green Lenses

Do you want a spectacular natural look? If you really do then, make your gaze remain the center of attention with these Spring Green’s more natural green colored contact lenses. Spring Green’s color contact lenses are a must-try brand for anyone who is a lover of light green eye contacts. Therefore, waste no time in giving yourself a hypnotizing look with these light green colored lenses that are easy and comfortable to wear.

With Spring Green’s natural looking colored contact lenses, you can have an incredible selfie and show the world a new eye color with great force. You can also use it to impress your followers on social networks or your friends at a party. However, Spring Green contact lenses are those super-quality lenses professionally designed to provide a very natural appearance; so, if you are a kind that is much pleased by green eye lens with a more natural appearance, try them. They are made to have a very soft surface and full or degraded color technology that adapts to the color of your eye and mimics the subtlety and complexity of the natural patterns and tones of the iris.

Why Spring Green Lenses are the Most Natural Contact Lenses in The Market?

Today, there are many colored contact lenses in the market around the world, but to get one of the most natural contact lenses, especially green contact lenses, Chiara Lens brand stands to take a considerable position because of the soft and protective nature of their lenses. All their cosmetic lenses are made of a very soft, water-based gelatinous surface by 40%, so it allows oxygen to pass between the lens and your eye.

That is to say, you can use them with total comfort for a long time daily, but it is vital to remember that you must remove the lenses at night and use a moisturizer. Sometimes, many people do not even realize that they are wearing contact lenses because they are very soft and with good cleaning practices in everybody; their use is very comfortable. These high natural daily wear green contact lenses feature a UV protection and they are ideal for a wedding, a chic evening, or a trendy disguised Halloween party to surprise your loved ones.

Chiara Lens lenses are known to tint the eyes with a very natural effect, without demarcation or pattern, and with high coverage. The colors of the lenses have been designed and created by professional colorists to reproduce the best colors of natural eyes. Spring Green contact lenses are soft and designed in polyhema to dress your eyes while respecting the health and comfort of your eyes. High oxygen permeability (40% water content) guarantees optimal wearing comfort so you do not feel your lenses at all a few minutes after installation.

So, if you are in full search, to give color to your look with lenses that provide naturalness and comfort at the same time, try the different shades of Green like Spring Green or Sensitive Green.

Are Spring Green Lenses Original?

Spring Green cosmetic contact lenses are 100% reliable green colored contact lenses professionally designed to offer you the most natural appearance comfortably. These lenses are all original and come in a beautiful package. All the lenses are easy to apply, even for new lens wearers.

Something important is that you should always have good hygiene practices in the use of contact lenses to avoid small sediments attaching to your contact lens to maintain comfort in use and use a moisturizer to avoid irritation. Thus, you can confidently get yourself these Contact Lenses for a natural appearance.


  • Easy and comfortable to wear, even for new lens wearers.
  • Made of the very soft, water-based gelatinous surface.
  • Safety to use.
  • UV protection.
  • Provide a very natural appearance.


  • Small sediments might attach to it if not properly taken care of.
  • Might irritate if not moisturized.


These Green contact lenses are everything you need to have a very nice natural appearance to have yourself an incredible selfie or show the world a new eye color with great force on the social media.

These cosmetic light green contact lenses will enhance your appearance in a natural way and give you a hypnotizing look.

They are easy and comfortable to wear, even for a new lens wearer.