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HOW TO KNOW IF You’re Buying A Gucci Replica

There are individuals and companies of dubious confidence that sell with impunity bags and fashion accessories of imitation acclaiming that they are true.


We must always pay special attention to everything related to the purchase and sale of second-hand goods, but when buying a luxury handbag, even more so, as the most popular designer accessories are always the most counterfeit. Recently we published an article explaining how to know when a Louis Vuitton handbag is original where we gave you several tips to identify in less than 1 minute an imitation handbag.


Today we are going to continue giving you tips to detect fake handbags, this time, we are going to give you the best tricks and tips to detect if a Gucci handbag is original or is fake.


The Italian luxury brand Gucci is very popular all over the world for designing and manufacturing fabulous fashion items, watches, suitcases and perfumes. This brand has known how to last in time and today continue to create pieces that set the standards of modern luxury fashion. No wonder the market is crowded with imitation Gucci items.


That’s why we’re going to help you detect the authenticity of a second-hand Gucci handbag in no time. Take note and… Don’t be fooled says Luxurytastic Gucci replicas




With a few simple tips, you can learn to differentiate between an authentic Gucci and an imitation Gucci in just a few seconds. To do this, you’ll need to be aware:


  1. The Gucci logo, like the Louis Vuitton logo, is very present in most of its prints, pay attention and make sure that the logo is indeed a double G because in many counterfeits appear other types of letters such as C or similar symbols.
  2. The stitching on the bag. The seams on a Gucci bag are always perfect. They are all the same size and are made taking care of even the smallest detail. If you notice that the seams are not of good quality, then what you have in your hands is a fake Gucci.
  3. Zippers, rings and closures. In authentic Gucci bags, these items will always have the letters Gucci on them.
  4. Leather quality. Absolutely all the bags of this Italian firm are made of the highest quality leather. If the bag is not made of leather or notes that the materials are of poor quality, you can be very sure that you are looking at an imitation.
  5. The Made in Italy label. All Gucci bags are manufactured in Italy, so you should check that the label on the inside of the bag proves it. Avoid buying any bag with a Made in China, Made in Taiwan or Made in Turkey label. In addition, the inner label of the bag must incorporate a serial number and will not have spelling mistakes.
  6. Look at all the details. A very simple but effective trick is to compare the bag you are going to buy with an Internet photograph of the original, look for some small detail and check that it is in both bags.
  7. The price of the bag. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not. This famous phrase can be applied to the price of handbags of big firms. No matter how second-hand, if a “Gucci” handbag is too cheap, it’s probably a counterfeit.


These are the tricks and warnings to follow to identify the authenticity of a Gucci complement. But without a doubt, the best advice we can give you is to go shopping at trusted stores like ours. At Maufashion you can buy (and sell) authentic second-hand luxury handbags, both online and on our tie.