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Learn to wear the hoodies like a real man.

You want to wear hoodie, but you don’t want to look like a teenager.

In recent seasons we have experienced an incredible invasion of sports fashion. So much so that a sweatshirt or sweatshirt already belong to our usual wardrobe, no matter how old we are or what we are going to do. We are wearing hoodies above our means, yes.

What is hoodie? Well, Vetements explains it to us, one of the brands that have done the most to relaunch its use, thanks to a collection in which they stamped on the garment in question a definition of it: “A hooded sweatshirt that usually includes a pocket on the bottom front. It also often has drawstrings to fit the hood and sometimes a front zipper similar to a windbreaker.

Well, that’s it. I’m sure you have one in your collection or are thinking of getting one this fall. It’s not a bad idea, but we warn you: you have to regulate its use a little. Because there are already many and because sometimes sportswear is synonymous with lightness and childish touch. And we don’t want that. A compilation of the catwalks, the best street style and the most elegant men in the world create the perfect manual to wear the hoodie this season suggests vs fashion clothing


With gabardine.

If you add the hoodie to one of the trends of the season, the gabardine (not the trench but the father type gabardine, wide and straight), you find a perfect mixture. An adult touch that complements itself: a very sporty garment with another that is in our most formal and classic imaginary. The hood, of course, on the outside.


With the fashion logo.

Jeremy Meeks has gone from bars to frontrows. And he’s learned fast. Here’s one of the hoodies of the year, Gucci’s famous vintage logo, combined to perfection. A few broken jeans and moccasins of the same brand give him the necessary counterpoint so he doesn’t look like he’s on the bench of a basketball team.


Your casual urban look.

Tom Hiddleston is the most elegant man of the year and that validates any of his style decisions. Even if he were dressed in Minion we’d be fine. So listen to him: choose the hoodie under a peacoat coat (it never fails) to take a walk around the city or sit down for a coffee. The hood, even if it doesn’t look like it, is a bit warm.

With dress trousers.

This Off-White look sums up very well how to wear the hoodie this fall like a man. In rigorous black – all outfit, in fact, with a pair of wide tweezers and a jacket with hair collar. Three points.

Sporty, but not much.

Sporty, yes, but it doesn’t look like you just got out of a crossfit session. Beckham, an expert in clothes of any kind, wears it soberly, with jeans, slippers and hood laces so perfectly fitted that they look ironed.




Tired of the same old sweatshirt? Designer Kris Van Assche is proposing a sleeveless sweatshirt this season at Dior Homme, basically a thick vest with a hood. Everything mixes nowadays. And he places it, watch out, on a complete suit. It’s no joke. Which brings us to our next point…


In a suit.


The ultimate somersault. A hoodie in a suit? Well, almost in 2017 we can say yes, we are ready. A good way to do it is like NBA player Chris Paul: in a casual suit, slightly fitted, and a smooth color, without prints or rare combinations. With a pair of white slippers the look closes with a notable high.




The painting is one of the prints of the season, especially those reminiscent of classic patterns such as the Prince of Wales, crow’s feet or tartan. The Fear of God brand, a current reference in this luxury sports fashion, makes them this autumn. A touch a little classic and, just for that, also more adult.


Wide, but not oversize.


The fashion of the oversize sweatshirt has given a lot of itself in recent seasons. So you’d better go and rest in the opposite corner. Take a look at how our Luka Sabbat does it, who chooses a sober, dark hoodie that is slightly wide, not big. The touch is put by his peculiar piece of jewellery… do you dare with that too?


With a touch of irony.


One of the most insider trends of this season is to play with the fashion industry’s own references, laughing a little logos, brands and celebrities. That’s why Christopher Shannon’s sweatshirts are so interesting: they make fun, but not too much, of brands like Timberland, Boss or Calvin Klein. Sign of maturity.


With denim.


The perfect match for urban fashion: denim and sportswear at the same time. Ryan Gosling gives it an adult touch, taking everything to the minimum. Same colour tones, not too flashy print and relaxed attitude.