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Fashion Mistakes You Shouldn’t Allow To Happen

When you’re trying to look stylish, there’s a lot of room for error. You might think that an outfit that looks effortless to pull off is simple, but you’d often be surprised by the amount of work it takes for someone to pull that off. Having a sense of personal style is a thing that many people really have to work at.

So, with that in mind, chances are you’re probably making mistakes without even realizing it. Whether it’s something simple that you just missed, or a mistake that you don’t even know is a mistake, let’s take a look at a few fashion mishaps that you should try to avoid at all costs.


Sleeves that are too long might look sloppy

It’s no secret that finding an item of clothing that fits well everywhere is pretty much impossible. There’s always that one spot that doesn’t work that well, and that spot is pretty often the sleeves. While most people consider that long sleeves are something they could work with, they actually negatively impact your look.

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The sleeves are something that should end right past the wrist bone. Anything more, and even if the item fits you perfect everywhere else, it will look like it’s too big, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, shortening a sleeve is a very common thing that doesn’t cost much, but makes a world of difference. Also, there are other ways to handle sleeves that are too long, so don’t worry.


How comfortable you are impacts your looks

There are many people that truly believe style doesn’t equal comfort. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to rethink that. If you wear something that doesn’t fit right and makes you uncomfortable, that’s going to be obvious and might seem plain awkward.

Dressing for comfort is actually very important. If you’re a lady and are wearing a cocktail dress and super high heels, but find it difficult to walk, the entire look will ultimately fail. Therefore, try to pick clothes that don’t only look good, but are comfortable and aren’t causing you any issues.


Choosing a watch that’s too big or too small

Regardless of whether you’re a man, or are looking at womens watches NZ, it’s crucial that you pick the right sized watch. Sure, this might be tricky depending on your wrist and overall style, but it’s something you must pay attention to.

For example, choosing a watch that’s too small for your wrist will usually result in that watch getting lost within your clothing. It’s supposed to be visible, but if it is small, that’s pretty difficult. On the other hand, a watch that is too big is going to stand out in a negative way as it overpowers your arm and might look bad with other accessories, too.

Note, however, that some watches, such as G-Shocks, are made to be large and you can’t get them in a smaller size. Others, such as more luxury, elegant watches, only come in smaller sizes, so choose your watch accordingly.


Not adding any accessories results in an “unfinished” outfit

Accessories are key if you want to look stylish. Regardless of how bland or boring you might think an outfit looks, adding accessories as final touches can actually make things exciting. If you don’t know where to start, you could go with statement necklaces and earrings. They’re simple and can show your style. Sunglasses, watches, and bracelets are other ideas you could play with, too.


Going all retro doesn’t look like a stylish outfit but like a costume

We understand – retro is making a comeback and everyone’s doing it. However, if you take a closer look, there are usually two options. You either have a retro touch, or you have a retro outfit with a modern twist. If you go all out with retro, you’ll have people looking at you like you’re about to attend a costume party.

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Therefore, make sure you have something modern. For example, that vintage sweater might look great with high-waisted pants – that’s the modern twist you’re looking for. Or, you could go all modern, but add a vintage scarf to get a retro touch. There are a few ways to wear vintage and not look like it’s a costume, so choose whichever works for you.


Don’t leave the labels on – it’s almost as if you left the tags on, too

When you buy a new coat, chances are it has little tags on the wrists. They aren’t made to stay there. Instead, they’re meant to give you information about the product, at a glance, before you buy it. This kind of label is stitched just outside the wrist and is meant to be easily removed. It isn’t a part of the design, and it just looks bad.