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Spick And Span, Without The Stress: 7 Tools For A Clean And Tidy Home

Homemakers face a lot of challenges when it comes to cleaning the household. Dishes need to get washed, clothes need to get laundered, and clutter needs to get  picked up. Tidying your household doesn’t have to be some Herculean task that you have to do on your own. Thanks to today’s technology, you now have advanced cleaning tools at your disposal. There exists a multitude of appliances today that assist in various chores, be it grill cleaning, vacuuming, purifying the air, and the like. If your goal is to maintain a clean and tidy home, consider these nine appliances.

Air Purifier

This is a device that improves and maintains the indoor air quality of your home by removing harmful particles in the air. This can be a boon for any household struggling with allergens and contaminants like dust, dirt, pet hair, airborne germs, and the like. The device uses a filter to catch these particles and UV light to kill the germs. If you have someone who’s allergic or prone to infection, procuring an air purifier is worth it. Having an air purifier also frees your home of any noxious odors, which should come in handy when you have guests coming over.


While using your hands to wash dishes is just as effective as any other means, you might not have the time or energy to do so. This becomes especially true for busy young professionals or parents who are often at work. If you’re one of them, you can invest in a dishwasher to do the job for you.

Dishwashers are appliances that wash utensils, cutlery, dishes, and other washable kitchen objects with heated water. These washables are then dried so they’ll be clean and free of moisture once you remove them. These devices can clean soiled dishes and remove food particles the way you would with handwashing. They can be set to wash and dry the dishes a number of times.

Automatic Grill Cleaner

Every time meat gets grilled, there might be leftover grits that stick to the metal. While this isn’t that much of a health hazard, there is a chance that the leftover food particles could spoil and leave behind bacteria. This endangers the next food you’re going to grill. Studies have also found a relation between carcinogens and dirty grills. You can use an automatic grill cleaner, which resembles robots, that you just need to put on top of the grill. The device has a brushing mechanism in its bottom part that it uses to thoroughly clean the grill metals of any impurities.

Cordless And Silent Vacuums

Vacuuming has its challenges when you do it. You have to try not to get annoyed by the constant humming sound, especially when it gets loud at times. There’s also the issue of electrical wires, which might make people trip if they don’t watch their step. Thanks to today’s cordless and silent vacuum models, you won’t have to deal with the issues mentioned. The vacuums only need to get their batteries charged before use. In choosing these devices, make sure to go for those with adjustable noise levels, quick charging, and long battery life.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes And Dog Potties

For households with pet cats, you’ll want to have the following device at home. The self-cleaning litter box serves as a place for your house felines to relieve themselves. After a few minutes, the litter box uses its sweeping mechanism to remove the waste into a hidden space, usually filtered with carbon to help remove the odor.

For those with dogs, there are self-cleaning devices you can buy. An automatic dog potty has a surface on which your dog can defecate. The device then uses a sweeping mechanism, similar to the litter box, to remove the waste from view and into a hidden compartment.


Remote-Controlled Window Cleaners

Windows are essential to the appearance of your home. After all, it can be used to express your aesthetic choices as a property owner. It also gives inhabitants a view of the outside. To maintain the beauty and function of your windows, they need to remain clean of any smudges, dust, and other unpleasant elements. Now, we have robot window cleaners that can take care of windows regardless of height. It just needs to be placed on window glass and you can then direct its motions via remote control. The device has microfiber pads that can effectively scrub the glass without compromising its quality.


Microwave Cleaner

Useful as they are for heating food, microwave ovens can be hard to clean. What you can do is remove the glass component and wash it and the oven interior (make sure it’s unplugged!) with water and soap. Still, the problem could get exacerbated when you have a microwave that has hardened crud inside. For situations like this, you can use a microwave cleaner to remove the food stains and odors effectively from the interior.

Unlike the other tools, a microwave cleaner doesn’t have any electronic components. What it does is serve as a container for the substances necessary in cleaning the oven. These are water, vinegar, and lemon juice, which you just need to fill the body of the microwave oven with. Afterward, microwave the tool itself in the microwave’s high setting. The resulting steam from the heated substances should break down the toughened crud for easier removal.


Spick And Span, Without The Stress

The devices above prove that you don’t have to slave away at home just to keep it clean. Modern technology has made it possible for vacuums to exist without cords, for you to scrub windows via remote control, for robot brushes to clean grills, for pet potties to clean themselves, for indoor air to get filtered, and for dishes to get washed by a machine. Using these smart devices is worth the investment if the result is a spick and span home without the stress.


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