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Is there a right time to drink water- A complete guide?

When the right time to drink water is, could pose to an ideal question. But this might confuse you as whether there is a proper time to be drinking water. On simple analysis, even a toddler is aware on when to be drinking water. In case if you are a fitness freak you might have heard murmurs of people stating when is the right time to be drinking water. If you feel that they are talking without any logic, then there has to be a degree of logic behind their words. Once you are health conscious you need to be aware on when is the right time to be drinking water.

When would be the right time to be drinking water?

Before you figure out the right time to be drinking water, the first major point of consideration is that you need to be drinking pure water. Always resort to the use of a RO UV water purifier online and if you do not have one purchase it at the very instance. Before we proceed you need to check out the various types of water purifiers for the needs of your home.

Yes there are certain times of the day when drinking water could be really beneficial for your health.

Once you wake up

Are you aware why the skin of Japanese people is glowing all the time? The reason being they drink plenty of water after waking up in the morning. Experts are of the opinion that it leads to a problem free life as it is known to flush out the toxins from the system. The common problems like constipation, bloating or even a host of digestive ailments can be solved once we drink pure water. Eventually it paves way for a healthy body along with a glowing skin at all times.

Before having food

To drink water before your meal is an excellent practice, but this is not prone to popular belief. The moment you drink half a glass of water before lunch or dinner it serves to be an excellent practice. But if you are planning to shed a few extra kilos this is going to serve as a really healthy practice. If you are drinking water before meals it provides you with a sense of fullness. The reduction in the levels of appetite ensures that you have less amount of food and even the food is digested properly due to the food intake.  Eventually it serves double benefits as drinking water before meals.

Before working out

Before you are about to start exercises it is advised that you drink water a couple of hours before. No way denying the fact that water ceases to be an essential element to survive. Water is needed for proper digestion, circulation and even is known to keep the body hydrated and even helps to regulate the body temperature to a considerable extent.

Before you are planning to exercise you need to warm up and ensure that your muscles and joints are ready as well.  When you drink water it is known to keep the joints lubricated and helps to maintain the body temperature. If the body is dehydrated it is prone to various forms of muscle breakdowns and for this reason drinking water is really important to be obtaining excellent results.

After a session of workout

Once you are done with a session of workout you might be obviously sweating. The reason being that the body is drained of considerable amount of water. If you are dehydrated it goes on to have an impact on your immunity and even your health. After a session of workout you need to drink water as well. Once you have gone on to complete your workout wait for half an hour so that the body cools down and then go on to drink water. Just take into consideration that when you are drinking water you are able to replenish water that has gone out from your system. Because of this your energy levels are maintained and you do not become fatigued in an easy manner.

Once you are thirsty

This ceases to be one of the major reasons why you end up drinking water. Once the body needs some water it is going to send out vital signals in the form of thirst. What many of us do is to gulp in a cup of tea or coffee in the hope that it would quench our thirst. But this extra tinge of caffeine seems to be a needless thing. Even after you finish a cup of tea, the thirst tends to linger on.

Before you go on to choose any beverage opt for pure and plain water as compared to any other drinks. Water is going to make you a lot contented once you end up comparing it to other drinks.

Is there a need to drink water before you go to sleep?

Consumption of a lot of water before you are going to bed is a needless phenomenon in the eyes of many. They are going to say that it is known to cause unnecessary disturbances and even might put unwanted pressure on the bladder.

Yes this is true but you can always maintain a proper level of balance in consumption of water. Just drink water after a proper gap and then proceed to bed. This also provides you with an opportunity to cleanse yourself before you are going to bed. In the midst of this you are hydrated.

At the same time do not fall into the trap that drinking of excess amount of water is not good for your health in the long run. But take view of the fact that in case if you are suffering from any sort of heart ailments stick to a form of water consumption that is put forth by your doctor.


To sum it up drinking of water is always good for your health. Till the point you are suffering from heart problems it is the best way to prevent heart ailments.