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How to Choose a Suitable Eye Shadow for Yourself – Pearl or Matte?

Many girls use eye shadows in their daily life, but there are too many eye shadow brands and selections and make it different to choose. In order to better promote their eye shadows, cosmetics companies have designed eye-catching and beautiful outer packaging boxes, which has make it more difficult for girls to choose the right eye shadow for themselves.

Many people think that he first priority is to choose the eye shadow with beautiful custom packaging boxes, as they believe nice outer packaging means quality product as well. In fact, these eyeshades may not be suitable for themselves at all, so most people are very entangled in the choice of eye shadow. This article will teach you how to choose the right eye shadow that suits you the best.

First of all, we must be clear that the concept is not to focus on the beautiful eye shadow boxes, but focus on finding the right type and color for you. Some experienced girls will find that not all eye shadows are suitable for themselves. Many people will find a very big problem after using pearlescent eye shadows. If the women with the double eyelids use pearlescent eye shadow, they will make their eyelids look very swollen, so pearlescent is not suitable for double eyelid girls.

Moreover, some pearl eye shadows used in daily life are particularly exaggerated. They will be covered with pearlescent eye shadows on the entire eyelids. In fact, this makeup is not suitable for makeup in daily life. When we use pearlescent eye shadow, we only need to apply it to the middle part of the eyelids, which can be used to brighten the entire brilliance of the eyes. And this will make your eyes look shiny and more beautiful.

In fact, when we buy eye shadow, we should better choose the eye shadow that suits us. Many people think that most of the pearls in the eye shadow are very shiny, but there are also some low-key pearl eye shadows. This kind of eye shadow has very little pearlescent content, so if you are worried that you will not use pearlescent eye shadow, you can choose this kind of pearlescent eye shadow.

For novices, it is best to choose a matte eye shadow, especially some earthy matte eye shadows that some newcomers like. Novices will not worry about making their entire eyelids look very swollen when using matte eye shadows. Therefore, the makeup in daily life can also choose matte eye shadow as much as possible, which will look more low-key, and there is no exaggeration.

If you are not good at making eye shadows, try to buy a little matte eye shadow when you buy it. For example, the more exaggerated matte eye shadow like burgundy or orange should not choose. Earthy matte eye shadow is a must-have for many women because it can be used in a wide variety of situations, and a matte eye shadow with an earthy color can create a lot of different feelings.

For those who are with some makeup techniques, in order to make your eye makeup look more delicate when applying makeup, then when you paint eye shadow, you can combine matte and pearly eye shadow to create more refined Eye makeup, this will make your eyes look more radiant. In fact, the combination of matte eye shadow and pearlescent eye shadow is also suitable for everyday makeup, especially suitable for dating.