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Treat Your Oily Skin with Home Remedies

There are different types of skin. Dry, oily, and combination. Odds are, you have the latter, which is typical for the majority of us. Our oily parts tend to hit on the T-zone, which is the area covered by your forehead and nose. If you have an oily skin of any type, whether your face is partly oily and partly dry or all greasy, keep reading.

We have some great home remedies to relieve your skin of that excess oil, but first, let’s take a look at what might be at the bottom of the problem.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Technically, oily skin is caused when your sebaceous glands create more sebum than they need. Sebum is the oil that they extract, which moisturizes and protects the skin. But, when you get too much sebum, all types of problems can arise.

Exactly why your sebaceous glands are extracting more sebum than they should be, a number of things could be the reason including age, genes, geography, pores that are too large, and washing your face too much. There are signs that your skin is starting to get too oily.


  • Your pores are large in the T-Zone area
  • You are breaking out more
  • You have more blackheads
  • Your skin feels oily
  • Your face is shiny after washing
  • There is oil on your smartphone

How to Treat Oily Skin

Of course, there are a ton of over-the-counter and prescription remedies, but there are few things better than solving healthcare issues naturally. Here are a few natural remedies that you probably have in your pantry at home or in a cabinet.


This natural product, which you probably have somewhere in your kitchen, is a humectant, which means it helps preserve moisture. You might be thinking, “I don’t have dry skin, I have oily so why would I want to add moisture?” The fact is, dehydrated skin can be another cause of excess sebum.

The glands pump up production because of the lack of water in your system. If you put a thin layer of raw honey on your face, leave it for ten minutes, and then gently wash it off, you might find that your oil production diminishes.

Essential Oils

These natural extracts are wonderful when it comes to all kinds of issues from household pests to sinus infections. When it comes to excess sebum, there are a few essential oils good for your face.

  • Geranium
  • Tea tree
  • Ylang ylang
  • Myrrh
  • Patchouli
  • Roman chamomile


All you need to do is make a blend of one or two of your favorite scents and dilute them with a good carrier, like jojoba, which is also a good oil for sebum control. The oils listed here are pretty strong, so it is important to know how to dilute them and any potential risks before you apply them to anywhere on your body.

Some oils are not good for children, pregnant, and nursing women so do your research before using. Be sure you know the appropriate dilution ratios and the risks involved with the oils you choose.


This powerful grain doesn’t only do wonders for our digestive system, it can restore the moisture in your face. You can take some ground oatmeal and make a mask that can help quickly reduce the excess sebum on your face.

Some people purchase products not only for its ability to help with oily skin but also for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with the redness associated with dry skin. So, it seems that no matter what the issue is for your skin oatmeal might be the best way to handle it.

All you need to do is mix some powdered oatmeal with some warm water and create a paste. Then apply the mixture to your face and let sit for ten minutes. Rinse it off and you should see a significant difference. The oil and any red patches should be soothed.


Not only for getting rid of dark circles under our eyes, but this vegetable can also reduce the amount of oil on your face. You can ground some up with a bit of yogurt for a quick mask. Or you can make another type of mask with other items on this list like…

Egg Whites

Whipped egg white masks have long been used to soak up excess oil on human faces. Just separate the whites from the yolks, whip them until they are foamy, and apply to your skin. You can throw in some cucumber for an extra boost.

Lemon Juice

Here is another option for your home remedy mixture to battle oily skin. All you need to do is mix it with a little water and dab it on your face. Let it dry and then rinse.


Another option that would go well with honey or cucumber, this natural product is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits. It’s no surprise that it can also remedy that oily skin. Just blend ½ cup with some honey and apply. Leave on for 10 minutes and gently rinse off with warm water.


Everyone reading this must have at least one of the items on the list in their home. On their own, each would make a good mask to pull that oil off your skin. Try one or a few, mix them, get creative, which is what home remedies are all about. The best part? You’ll be solving the problem naturally.