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Visionary Cosmetics

Visionary Cosmetics is a brand-new cosmetic company paving the way for quite the revolution. While leading cosmetic brands are starting to become more inclusive in regards to race, which is fabulous, it appears that the visually impaired community has largely gone unnoticed.

Visionary Cosmetics is a line of makeup that has been curated and designed for those living with little to no vision. The line has been created to ensure the customer feels comfortable with all things pertaining to makeup. Whether it’s the customized packaging, which features braille to indicate the product/shade the customer has chosen, or the formulas which make applying the makeup easier, this makeup will have the customer feeling confident and effortlessly beautiful in a matter of minutes. The products not only make you look and feel beautiful, but are extremely beneficial when you’re on the go.

Michael spends months thinking of new products, like the upcoming blush and highlighter palette or the super-secret diamond lipstick collection.  He wants to keep things fresh and classic at the same time. He says he idolizes Rihanna, because she inspired him to not be afraid to raise his voice about something he believed in. Michael hopes Visionary Cosmetics can turn the beauty industry on its ear one day, the way she did.

Michael proves that no matter what life can throw at you, whether it be an eye disease like glaucoma, you can overcome anything and do it with a little eyeshadow.

If you ask Michael what makes his makeup special, he will smile and tell you that it isn’t the makeup.  While he adores his products, he knows this brands message is bigger than the blush palette. Anyone can wear his makeup. It’s great for your skin and looks beautiful…. Seriously check out the Dejour Palette.

But what he always wants us to remember, is that inclusion is more beautiful than anything you could buy at any cosmetic counter.

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