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How to rebuild health after alternative cancer treatment

Those who have already fought with the disease may confirm that recovering from cancer and healing doesn’t happen in one day. It demands time and efforts and dictates its rules to take care of your body. And here comes the question: where to start from? Start for your immune system. Again the big WHY? Here we go for the explanation.

Why to focus on immune system?

Immune system has memory cells with the help of which it keeps a record of every microbe it has ever defeated. Immune system recognizes all the cells that make up your body. If any microbe enters the body, immune system starts to destroy before it can multiply and have an effect on your health. So rebuilding the immune system after alternative cancer treatment is important to protect the body’s cells. The immune system strengthening shouldn’t be neglected: take care of it and it will take care of your body.

After going through all treatments you need to get rid of toxins in your body. Drugs used against the disease are blind: they kill healthy cells along with the cancerous ones and lease a residue that needs to be removed from the body. This can be done by the help of improving the immune system. And not surprisingly everywhere you may meet the titles “how to recover immune system” and see many advices given. Among them are good nutrition, exercising and rest. But let’s understand why especially these are important.


           A good friend of immune system is lymphatic system: the network of vessels through which lymph drains from the tissues into the blood. This system helps immune system to remove and destroy toxins, dead blood cells, cancer cells, wastes. But it doesn’t move on its own, for that it needs the motion of your joints and muscles. And here comes the explanation why exercising is necessary. There is no need to start from hard, start it simple. As we understood from the above mentioned, the goal is to move lymph through your body. Researches show that when you move your muscles and joints, blood begins to flow, the lymph moves and clears the toxins from your cells. You can regularly go for walking, or do yoga or choose a workout plan that best suits to your body.

Good nutrition

    Good nutrition comes along with exercising. The idea of good nutrition is temporary decreasing the amount of meat, cheese, and milk, to be short anything that is animal based as they contain additional hormones which will overload your liver and will continue to tax your body. If you follow this “rule” after cancer treatment, your body will be thankful as you will build a stronger immune system. It’s even pointless to talk about fruits: they should be the indivisible part of your day, especially soft fruits such as strawberries, peaches, and pears. Avoid processed foods in particular sugar and white flour, instead eat plenty of healthy fats. These kinds of fats are omega-3s and omega-6s found in walnuts, fatty fish (like salmon), corn, soybeans. Besides this kind of nutrition, you should pay attention the amount of water you drink during the day. Maybe you think what you drink is enough, but if you drink only when you are thirsty, it means not only it’s not enough, it’s too little. A glass or bottle of water should always be before your eyes and whenever you notice it, drink. Hopefully soon it will become a habit. Herbal teas can also be choice, as it can keep your body hydrated.

Rest and sleep

While sleeping, your body produces a hormone which regulates your sleep cycle and helps to reduce inflammation. So it’s important to rest and have enough and sound sleep. It’s better to go bad earlier than midnight, make the bedroom quit and dark and most importantly stay off the electronic devices before sleeping. Short after, it will become a routine and you even will not notice how.

So, all the above mentioned ways will help you to take care of your body and build stronger health after alternative cancer treatment. If all of them gradually become part of your everyday routine, soon you will notice the positive shift on your body. Those changes will encourage you to do more and get more.

Take care and soon you will be rewarded.