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Tips for Properly Dressing for Your Body Type

Oftentimes it will feel like there are too many restrictions to the kinds of clothes you can wear. Trends, flattering shapes and silhouettes, and society’s standards are all examples, but your body type shouldn’t be one of them. It’s actually supposed to be a guide for how you dress yourself. We’ve compiled some easy-to-apply tips for properly dressing for your body type.

If fashion is an art, your body is the canvas. The same way that artists adjust their tools according to their canvas, you must also pick your clothes carefully according to your shape. We break down the styling methods to apply for 4 different body types and suggest specific clothes that can flatter each.


A pear shape manifests in having narrower shoulders and wider hips. If you have this shape, you’re in luck because it has an advantage of being transformed into an hourglass shape.


You can go to town with your tops because you’ll want the focus to be on your upper body to balance out the wideness of your hips. To bring the focus upwards, start by wearing a bra that will lift and accentuate your chest. This will be the foundation to a strong outfit, so don’t overlook this step! From there, focus on finding tops that are more form fitting to show off your tiny waist.


When it comes to dressing your lower body, find pants with a wider leg (flared pants are making a comeback!). This will help give the illusion of long, slim legs.


Clothes that go well with a pear body type include:

  • A-line dresses and skirts
  • V-cut tops and dresses
  • Crop tops to show off your small waist
  • Loose, flared pants


An apple shape (also referred to as an inverted triangle) typically means you have broader shoulders, a full bust, and a wide torso and waist. Your curves are not as prominent in the waist and hips area, and that’s where your weight seems to be concentrated on. That’s also where you’ll want to avoid directing attention.


You’ll want looser clothes and more structure to your figure. Apple shaped women get the luxury of generally wearing more comfortable clothing than other body types, especially for their upper body. Clothes that make an illusion of curves will help, as well as finding patterns that include diagonal stripes.


Clothes that go well with an apple body type include:

  • A-line silhouettes
  • Tunics or flowy tops
  • Skinny jeans, leggings, or flared jeans
  • Strapless dresses


Athletic bodies, or a rectangle shape, are much like the apple body type – you don’t have as much curve to your shape. Your shoulders and hips likely have the same measurements, and everything is straight in between.


However, your weight will look more equally distributed than those with an apple shape. For this body type, you’ll want to incorporate more feminine silhouettes into your wardrobe and amp up your delicate features like shoulders, collar bones, and your arms!


Clothes that go well with an athletic body type include:

  • Sleeveless tops
  • Crew or turtle necks
  • Skinny jeans, leggings, or trousers


Those with an hourglass figure have curves for days! Curves are reinforced in the waist, hips, bust areas, and even up to the thighs. They look good in most styles of clothing, and tight, figure-hugging clothes are basically your best friend.


Some enhancements won’t hurt either, so you might want to improve your shape better with corsets and other undergarments similar to this. It’s most comfortable for you because their shape are already catered to this body type.


Clothes that go well with an hourglass body type include:

  • Form-fitting jersey clothes
  • Fitted blouses
  • Skin-tight jeans
  • Wrap dresses
  • Fit & flare pants, skirts, or dresses


Knowing how to dress properly for your body type is one way of making peace with your body image. It’s like a skill that you get better at, and you can measure success by how fashionable you feel in clothes that you wear. Like any field, this is something you have to first be an amateur in. These suggestions and tips are here to help you begin the journey to expertise.