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Nannies series is a hit!

Looking for a new show to binge? Well of course, we all are, but if you hang out till later this year you can binge to your hearts content on the new show Nannies!  Take it from me this show will blow your mind!  This show circles the truth about the real lives of Beverly Hills nannies.  The series stars the talented Lilly Dennis, Ximena Casillas, Mela Lopez and Dafne Castrejon Alarcon.   This extremely diverse and talented cast of females portrays the stories of the nannies to the elite and the outrageous twist and turns their lives take as they care for the children of the rich and famous.  Lucky Break Productions produced the series and it’s currently being shopped at different streaming services, namely Amazon Prime and Hulu.

The pilot opens on the comedic setting of the group of nannies in a very ‘fancy’ park in Beverly Hills, a very comedic element of the series is that the children are always just off camera, never truly seen.  It pays homage to the reality of the lives of these children and how they are always kept out of the limelight and never seen. The show is comedy to the core, touching constantly on the truth of what these nannies actually do.

The series starts with Sofia, Rachel and Carla, (played by Dennis, Lopez and Alarcon) vetting Melissa, the new nanny in the group, (played by Casillas) and trying to teach her how to survive caring for children and managing their parents.  The first episode explores how bad Melissa truly is at her new job as a nanny and the other women trying to help her.

Nannies has a mainly Hispanic cast and proudly so, it also has equal parts English and Spanish dialogue in the script.  The casting was very key to making this show a hit, Rachel, played by Dennis, is the only Caucasian nanny and going against stereotypes speaks fluent Spanish as she works for a pair of very famous Latin actors and their children who they demand are only spoken to in Spanish.  It makes for a refreshing look at the “typical Beverly Hills family”.

The series continues to explore certain issues like, the demanding relationship between the mother and nanny and sometimes awkward relationship between the father and nanny.  As well as issues like juggling personal life and work, creating boundaries with how close they become to the children and the odd things that become a part of their job description.  All these issues are touched on with clever wit and intelligent writing. Nannies is a must see for all, so stay tuned to see where you can tune in to binge!